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    Corvair trans

    Thanks for setting me straight, Randy. Any idea what the output shaft dia. and spline count of those two trannys are? I would much rather have a top loader. I was going to contact the fellow who did the conversion to see if he was going to make and sell them.Picasa Web Albums - Michael - Saginaw...
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    Corvair trans

    "From what I understand, the production Corvair 4 speed is an adaptation (version) of GM's Saginaw cast iron 4 speed gearbox. Not very strong at all." Compared to what?? Unless you specified when ordering, or had a big block, high HP small block or a 'Vette - you got a saginaw. A 4000 lb Impala...
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    Does anyone know anything about a Tremec Transaxle?

    The ZF used prior to '97 in the 'Vette was a conventional gearbox. I've considered using the Tremec transaxle for a mid-engined project. The obstacles to overcome are; the shifter, which comes out just above the input shaft and would interfere with the pressure plate; the input shaft; which...
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    all road and quattro transaxles

    Great information guys! Having studied pictures I'd always known that the flywheel clutch from KEP wouldn't fit, but wasn't sure about the adapter. Thanks Ali, I'll try them on monday. You are blessed to be living in the second most beautiful country in the world! Thanks all, Cheers, Dave
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    all road and quattro transaxles

    Thanks for the info. That eliminates that as an option. I'll brush up on my German and try to find a 01E 6 speed FWD. Does the KEP adapter for an Audi 016 also fit an 01E? Sounds like they're close enough to make it work. Thanks again, Cheers, Dave
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    all road and quattro transaxles

    I've been following this forum for 3 or 4 years and really enjoy the information. I've always wondered why no one uses the all wheel drive transaxles. Is it the length in the GT40 application? Are they basically the same with an extension of the mainshaft? They're so much more common than the...
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    renault medallion transaxle

    Hello there. The last Medallion I checked had a NG9 transaxle in it. I've been told it's smaller and weaker. There's a triangular shaped tag hanging off one of the rear casing bolts that has the model # on it. I learned the hard way. I bought an '85 Renault sport wagon and pulled the tranny out...
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    Audi 01E to SBC

    Hey Ryan. IMHO the pieces of real value in your transaxle are; input shaft, mainshaft with needle roller bearings(they are an oddball size- not available anymore) thrust bearing and washers inside input shaft, adapter plate, bellhousing(which should have been dial guaged for runout and should...
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    Audi 01E to SBC

    No worries Lynn! I'll continue to hunt down an adapter and if all else fails, I'll machine off the bell housing and weld on a Chev one. As for the Corvair transaxle, the regular saginaw has a bigger dia. mainshaft and wont fit into the Corvair diff. There is a fellow by the name of Wills who...
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    Audi 01E to SBC

    Hello again. I'm going to reply to my own thread! I just got off the phone with a fellow from KEP. He says they don't make the 01E Chev SB adapter. I hinted around the increasing popularity of the 01E, but he said that they don't sell many 016 adapters and has never been asked about 01E. Doh...
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    Audi 01E to SBC

    Thanks, Lynn. I've dealt with Kennedy before but didn't realize they had one for the 01E. As far as the configuration of the transaxle goes, that's a bonus for me. More legroom! The original setup limits the style of seats you can use. The 'vette transaxle with belt drives looks promising, but...
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    Audi 01E to SBC

    Does anyone know who makes an adapter for an Audi 01E transaxle to a small block Chev. V8? I'm fed up with the stock saginaw! Cheers, Dave
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    Un1 To Chevy V8 Or Ford V8

    Hey Ryan. Interesting about the Eagle Medallion. Do you know the range of years that had the UN1? I pulled the transaxle out of an '85 Renault sportwagon to discover it was of the NG series. Very similiar but too weak. They are more suited to a Lotus application. There are a few Medallions...
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    Saginaw to corvair diff ?

    One thing to consider with the C-5 vette transaxle is that it's 8 1/2" longer than the saginaw Corvair. Cuts down on the legroom a bit! Cheers, Dave
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    Audi 5000 diesel tranny

    Hi guys. I did my homework and looked through the archived posts but couldn't find anything about the suitability of a diesel transaxle. Any help would be great. Cheers, Dave
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    Aligning Motor and 016 Transaxle

    Hey Dan. Here's my 2 cents worth. I don't have a suggestion for the process of checking the runout, but when I did mine it was out by about 10 thou. Lakewood makes a set of offset dowel pins. There are .007 and .014 pins. These were for a SBC but chances are they make them for Ford too. Cheers, Dave
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    Porsche G50 gearbox-inverted

    Thanks for the responses guys. The guy with the transaxle has already addressed the vent-fill plug issue. This is the transaxle that was on ebay a bit ago. I'm encountering some difficulty prying my wallet open! Cheers, Dave
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    Porsche G50 gearbox-inverted

    Does anybody have any info on running the G50 transaxle inverted for a mid engine application? My big concern is oiling. I have a chance to buy one, but would like some more info first. Cheers, Dave
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    Ring and pinion

    Hello Mike. You say you'd lean towards an 01E 6 speed transaxle. Does anyone build an adapter for such a beast? Cheers, Dave
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    Identify this transaxel

    This is a '61-'65 Corvair transaxle. I believe a Kelmark adapter which required running the transaxle backwards. In addition, I believe a reverse rotation cam was needed for the engine. The black diff cover was for cooling, appearance and to keep the top of the case from flexing open under load...