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    This Sceptre'd Isle

    The Shakespeare evening on UK TV last Saturday was magical. Simon Russell Beale's This England soliloquy was electrifying. Listen to the sentiment, then tell me why we should even contemplate giving up 1,000 years of history to Europe?
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    Spring Cough & Spit 2015

    You may remember back in 2009, the last time it was held, we got our '40s out for the first event of the season, the very successful Spring Cough & Spit, which attracted 16 cars. Since then, Warwick Bean, who acted as host for the event, has moved on and The Castle at Outwood RH1 5QB rather...
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    Fortyfication 100

    Fortyfication No 100 was posted out yesterday. Everyone will receive a Club Christmas card and a directory of addresses, phone nos, car detail and registration nos of all members who have agreed their details may be published. Members who have not yet renewed will receive a reminder and an...
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    Head and Sidelight Covers and Side Windows

    I have found a US supplier of very nice GTD headlamp and sidelight covers and side windows. I'm posting here as I aim to order a set for myself and wonder whether anyone else in the UK would be willing to share the cost of carriage. The covers are shatter-proof, easy to drill and come slightly...
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    Fortyfication 97

    Another quarter, another Fortyfication: John Lowe starts the story of his RCR build (to be continued). Frank Catt asks the question, 'What crash are you planning to have?' Desmond Finnan and Humphrey Walters tell of their involvement with a Tornado and CAVs respectively. Topically, in the...
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    Fortyfication 96

    The December issue of Fortyfication is being posted out today. Everyone who is a Club member for 2012 or 2013, or who advertises with us, will receive a copy and a Christmas card. Members will also receive a directory of names, phone numbers and car details of all 2012/13 members. Please contact...
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    Fortyfication 95

    The September edition of Fortyfication was posted out yesterday. This is our largest edition yet, running to 52 pages, covering: The Le Mans Classic - from a number of different perspectives. The Spa Classic. Stoneleigh Show. Croft, Blyton and Cadwell track days. The discovery and...
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    June Fortyfication

    Fortyfication 94 is published and went on its way to members yesterday. This time we've concentarted on engines, with articles by Ian Cowan and Paul Brameld on contrasting approaches to engine building. There's also a final briefing on taking your '40 to France for the Le Mans Classic (and Spa...
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    Fortyfication 93

    It's the end of February, so the March edition of Fortyfication must be coming out soon. In fact, it went into the post today to everyone who's paid their 2012 subscription (if you hadn't paid by 16 February, you won't get one). As the Club is promoting a number of track events this year, this...
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    Fortyfication No 92

    It's that time again, and Fortyfication 92 went into the post to all members today. In this copy: A brief on the way we'll handle bookings for the 2012 Le Mans Classic. Also news on driving in France next year and how to get a British télépéage transponder. Track day reports from Faye de...
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    Fortyfication 90

    The latest edition of Fortyfication went into the post today. As a taster, articles include: The highly successful track day at Donington, with pics and AGM minutes (the fastest AGM we've ever held!) Ian Cowan's description of how he fitted Efi to his Southern GT. Extras include Launch Control...
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    Re: radiator for sale

    This rad is still for sale.
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    Fortyfication 89

    Fortyfication 89, the March 2011 issue, is being posted out by Lavenham Press today. Please post on this thread when yours arrives. This edition of Fortyfication poses a number of questions: How would I source the parts unique to a Mk3 GT40? How do I select suitable alloys to build a...
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    Fuse Values

    There are 2 fuseboxes in my GTD, and I haven't disturbed any of the fuses - yet. It's fairly commonly known that some parts of the GTD system are unduly stressed by the amount of current they are asked to conduct - ignition switch, aircon switch, light switches and so on, and I have been...
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    Fortyfication 88

    Fortyfication 88 is being posted out later today (24 November) or tomorrow, so members should start receiving it on Saturday. Please post on this thread when yours arrives. The reason for the superhuman effort to publish at the earliest date possible before 1st December is because we have a...
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    Fortyfication 87

    The September copy of Fortyfication should be going into the post today. In addition to a detailed write-up with pictures of the Le Mans Classic, there's: A thought-provoking review of the Club's 25 years, with an account of the problems encountered in building a KVA 25 years ago. Returning...
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    Historic Fortyfication Posted Today

    The 25th anniversary copy of Fortyfication has been printed and is going into the post today to all members. To celebrate, I have resurrected the first ever copy, No 1, and we've duplicated it as a pull-out centrefold (I hope you don't). I've also highlighted some of the differences between the...
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    Cherwell Valley Services

    Heard last night on the news that Cherwell Valley Services has gone up in smoke. We'll have to find somewhere else to meet up before the AGM on 2 May! Tony
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    Fuel Tax not removed

    This should be passed to as many people as possible! ... When VAT was temporarily reduced to 15%, the Chancellor added 2% duty to fuel to offset the reduction in tax collected from motorists. Now that VAT has been increased to 17.5% again this hidden tax has not been removed - hence recent...
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    Fortyfication 85

    The latest copy of Fortyfication, No 85, is with the printer and should go into the post this week. Features include: Piston Dynamics or ‘What it’s like to be a piston at 6,000 rpm’ by Bob MacDonald. Scary. Mark Finburgh’s acquisition of P1071 in 1972 and trials, tribulations and successes...