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    Dash mods

    Good day all. Has anyone changed the dash at knee points with metal panels. I’m thinking of modifying my dash by cutting it and folding a metal panel - folding the lower return up. This would lift the lower return up allowing better access for my legs at knee level. The race cars have metal...
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    Australians - plates

    Hi guys Something that may interest the Australian Victorian GT40 owners? I have the Euro plate designed V GT 040 If anyone is interested give me a call. Obviously suited for the GT40 but may consider selling to a GT owner also. Best email me [email protected]
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    Ultimate GT40 trip

    I know this is an old story in the now closed Kit Car Magazine but I just found the story. Some of you guys may be interested in reading this. Today I drive the Aussie roads in my own GT40 and my Cobra...
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    Need clear Perspex scoops

    Hi all, Now chasing a pair of clear perspex scoops. To add to the the rear window. Any leads would be appreciated.. Bernie
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    GT40 items

    Hi all I stumbled on this site the other day and placed an order. Custom T-Shirts, Unique Gifts, Posters, & Personalized Mugs | CafePress I was very impressed with the quality and the products. Type GT40 in the search bar and it will bring up clothing etc. Then go down to the bottom and the...
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    Extra air in - scoops.

    Hi all, I want to get extra air into the engine area and was wondering if any one has purchased or has moulds for scoops aimed at gathering extra air into the rear clip? Also scoops or ways to bring air in through the rear window using Perspex scoops also would be interesting to see and try...
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    Side lights

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the Lucas side lights L534 lights. Would prefer Australian supplier or US supplier. I want three of them. These are the half chrome and glass lights over the rondel. Thanks for any lead.
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    Slide type drivers window

    Hi all. I currently have the swing out open window on the drivers side. I was considering changing this to a slide type window. Has anyone done this? What are the advantages or problems if any encountered? Is there a link to photos of this type of slide window? I have accessed...
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    RCR Canards photo

    Hi all Has anyone got a photo or a link to a photo of canards on the RCR GT40 cars? I have just been offered a pair and was wondering what they look like?
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    Moulds or supply

    Hi all I have noticed that some of the RF cars have the small diffuser/wings on the lower front guard. Has anyone got the moulds for these? Or are they made individually? I was thinking about shaping two up from surfboard foam offcuts?? But thought before I did this I would ask if...
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    The DRB 40's site on manufacturers

    Hi all, I was just on the manufacturers site and could not see the DRB section. Has it moved..:idea:
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    Ideas for Completing the Rear Undertray

    Hi all, I have posted here to get a few ideas from GT40 builders and general lovers of the GT40. I am now at the end of the re build of the GT40 and considering some way of dressing up the rear end area. :idea: The MK11 rear photos I have looked at have a triangulated frame under the...
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    This sound deadening great

    Hi all, I have been installing dynamat in my GT40 and it has made a huge change in reducing the drum effect and noise. It is a very thin mat attached to an adhesive back. The front surface has an aluminum cover. I have installed it between the fibre glass and interior lining. It is...
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    Decals for my garage

    Hi all, I have posted a Thread on "All GT40 talk" regarding the files for decals. I am after a side profile photo of a GT40 and the GT40 decal. I want to add a couple of large decal/stickers on my garage wall. Does anyone have the files for the GT40 logo or a side view of a GT40. I...
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    Garage walls - decal

    Hi all, I am upgrading my garage and have been talking with my sign writer who has suggested that I place a decal of a GT40 on the walls. Does any one have a file or link to a site that he can use to print off a decal for the wall. I am particularly after a side profile of a GT40 or an...
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    Driving lights - spot lights

    Hi all, I currently have turn indicators in the lower section of the front clip. I am considering moving them out onto the guard/fender. I would like to add driving lights in the lower section. I have looked in a number of speed and accessory shops and found driving lights that are...
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    Well done DRB

    Hi all, Having a big focus on customer service in my business keeps me really looking at good customer service and experiences that I receive. Let me share a quick experience with you at DRB. I recently left my GT40 at a shop and whilst it was there, a curious customer decided to just take a...
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    Stiil want 5 speed trans axle

    Hi all, I am still looking for an Audi 5 speed trans axle. The 3U is the current damaged unit I have. I am after the centre cast section - gear carrier casing. Any 5 speed from 1983 - 1987 is suitable 5000 models. Any contact or links would be good. Bernie
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    Audi trans axle strengthen??

    Hi all, I can recall seeing something mentioned about a plate or similiar, that can be added to strengthen the Audi trans axles. Am I on the right track, has anyone heard of this or used one? Thanks Bernie
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    Audi trans axle stronger??

    Hi all. You may have read that I have damaged the casing etc. of my GT40 trans axle. The Audi trans I have is from a diesel the 3U. Final ratio .64. Firstly I need one. They are in the 1983 to 1987 Audi's. Then I have read somewhere - after doing a search - and was wondering what is the...