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    E.r.a. Gt 40 *SOLD*

    E.r.a. gt40 with only 4600 miles!! Boss 302 block with 4 bolt main bearings. Zf5 trans axle, aluminum intake with edelbrock 4 bbl 750 cfm carburetor, Pin drive wheels with new bf goodrich rubber, leather seats, set up for air cond. compressor,evaporator,blower,fan,condenser, all lines...
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    pennsylvania title ???

    hello! just got me penna title for my era gt40 and penna says it's a erickson trailer???? any ideas? i contacted and they say era comes up as an trailer but on the title it says coupe? i transferred a florida title and florida called it an era? any ideas would be greatly appreciated! thanks...
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    tire recomendations and size?

    have a era gt40.... it currently has 305/50r15 on the rear 245/50r15 on the front which are bfg euro's and seem hard to get.. ant recommendations on other size and manufactures...regards domenic
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    tire recomendations

    hello, little new here .... for all the people with mk1 E.R.A. gt40's. does any body have a good recomendation for a good all around street tire? i currently have 305/50R15 on the rear and 245/50R15 on the front ......bfg radial euro's. they do not seem to be available... any size...
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    looking for a radiator... era gt ? any ideas where i can get one at a fair price? regards domenic
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    sold my shelby gt350 and just purchased a e.r.a. gt40....i will be asking alot of questions since dealing with shelby's and cobra's for years not that familiar with the gt.. it has a boss 302 block stroked to 351 and a zf trans axle with a weber 4bbl? any one know of the weber 4bbl? i think it...
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    weber 4bbl

    hello, anyone out there know about a weber 4bbl on a small block ford? i think it is a marine application? just purchased a e.r.a. gt40 . thanks in advance for anybody's input. regards domenic
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    help! guys need your opinion...

    have a chance to get a cav gt40's fuel injected,has leather,low miles,transaxle is a getrag? good car? weak points? made in south africa.... i have not herd anything bad about the cav's............lets hear from the experts..kindest regards: domenic
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    new to the gt40

    hello: i always wanted a gt40 ford...i have had 9 shelby gt350 mustangs.three cobras, one clone...i now have an original gt350 mustang gt350 and would trade it for a i'am going sell or trade my gt350 for a gt40. either an era or a cav or sp gt40. thanks for having me! domenic