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    GT40 Australia #103

    There sweet rimms big fella!!!! You any beer in yer fridge?
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    DRB chassis #74

    Hi Dave, Yeah im sure you will be there when it fires up!! The harness still needs a bit of converting. I need to find out how to wire it up to the ignition etc If you have an idea give me a clue. Im still also working on the electrics..mmm K.
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    DRB chassis #74

    Thanks Victor, Yes the pipes wernt as hard as I'd thought there'd be , I must tell you I'm a plumber by trade so you could say pipes are my thing . It was my first attempt next ones I'd like to sand bend like we used to in the old days with copper pipe. Cheers Keron
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    DRB chassis #74

    Well it’s been months since I’ve put up a post, although I’ve had a bit of a break from the car I’ve finally restarted work, though I don’t think I really stopped, there was a long time when just walking past it to do other jobs around the house was a task. When I last put up a post I had...
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    Porsche G50 Info

    Hi Would anyone have a picture of the exploded veiw of the G50 box pref : the 01 Cheers Keron
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    Chevrolet Engines - Separate?

    Yes Chris i guess Porsch would drop the axe on gear boxes if they heard their boxes were going in GT40 too.Does it really matter What engine goes in as long as its a V8. Not much of the kit cars are Ford anyway!!!!
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    Hi Mark thanks for your effort but i cant access your Pics. On the site or when you put up a...

    Hi Mark thanks for your effort but i cant access your Pics. On the site or when you put up a blog, when you edit you go to advanced there you can up load your pics to this site. Cheers Keron
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    Gooday Lance!!!

    Gooday Lance!!!
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    RF #12 "Race" Chassis

    re: RF #12 "Race" Chassis Hi Troy Thanks for the offer of the cad programe id love to get a copy. My email is [email protected] Can i take a look at your GT40 its pretty sweet.
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    Chevrolet Engines - Separate?

    Well im sure Holden wont fall.... there going stronge and still showing promise on a world scale so id imagine they will go alone and even take the LS with them,im not sure but isnt LS mtrs made in mexico?
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    Cad Pipe Bender

    Does anyone Know the current method of loading custom bent systems into the cad cnc programe?
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    Inner Wheel arches

    Hi Try Laying up a panel on a sheet of glass ,the finish is first class .Then use hot melt glue to hold in situe .You can bond it in place with cloth cut on 45degree and then tape over the cloth with 50mm PCV tape,the tape blends in the glass. Other than that use sicaflex and bond the...
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    brake recirculator

    Hi Ron Im building a DRB GT40#74 .Its not going to be a full on race car ,just occasional track day ,maybe the odd Targa Rally. The thing is i put a low bid on one on Ebay and won it,now im wondering what im going to do with it, I liked the idea its self bleeding. Id have to run return...
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    GT40 English or American

    I just love watching the pit stops in those days. One guy that changes the tyres checks the oil and fuel the driver chills out with a cigarette. Hehe
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    brake recirculator

    I Like it Randy Allways thinking ..its not illegal till you get busted So I take if i Run twin master cylinder Front and Rear does this mean ill need to or do you think the rears dont need cooling? Did you manage to fined the fitting diagrame?
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    Polyester / Vinylester / Epoxy - which resin to use

    You can not use vynlester and epoxy in the same sentence vynlester in only marginally better the poyester less than 3% even in bonding quallity. If you vacuum bag then your trying to eliminate weight ie resin and hopefully get a percentage 60/40 ,the weight is in the resin the very thing...
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    brake recirculator

    Thanks guys i might keep it ....Can you tell me how it works?
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    brake recirculator

    Thanks Ron I wonder if they take it back...hehe
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    GT40 English or American

    Nope Best of British Leonard Bailey became an apprentice at Austin at Longbridge in 1942 which at that time were building Short Stirling for the Royal Air Force of World War II Building up his experience at Daimler and Rover in Coventry before moving back to Austin which became part of...
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    brake recirculator

    Can anyone tell me what a brake recirculator does and how its fitted ?Especially the Stewart type.