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    Cad Pipe Bender

    Does anyone Know the current method of loading custom bent systems into the cad cnc programe?
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    brake recirculator

    Can anyone tell me what a brake recirculator does and how its fitted ?Especially the Stewart type.
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    GT40 English or American

    I dont know if this is the place to lodge this thread,however Id like to ask a Question and open a debate on wether the GT40 is American or British? If I can put my point in the car was created in England but financed by American Ford. Was the only input to the car the engine? So who...
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    GT40 for sale

    Slik GT40 on ebay ...Does anyone knows the Kit ? Item number: 170292473868
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    DRB chassis #74

    Hi There Well i guess its time for me to have ago and create my own build thead .I dont know which is more daunting building a car thats been a goal for twenty years or so ,or post my handy works on here.After all theres so many top quality GT40 to compare. My experience with car building...
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    exhaust manifold?

    Can any one tell me is it traditionally correct to have the collectors merge directly behind the block on the gt40 ? Wouldnt it give the motor more power to merge them at the end of the heads and use a better merge collector,and have more room to fit the cats etc. The reason for my Q is...
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    Wilwood callipers

    Hi guys im Keron and currently enjoying building chassis #74. I just run into a small problem with the Wilwood radial callipers ,as the part # in the cataloge for the bracket doesnt fit the hub mount,so im just asking if theres any one out there thats had the same problem and that may know...
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    Issue with Parts Vendor - Seeking Advice

    Hi Ron and all,can you advise me on an issue regarding contacting a member or should i say Vendor as well ,who is a supplyer of parts and advise on injector systems on either ford or chev V8 engines .The person in question is a suporting vendor of another site. (Cobra) I dont really want to...