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    Noise levels enforced at Silverstone.

    Let's all get on that ferry to Spain. Have recently been to Guadix , as has RMA . No problems with noise , all the staff helpful and accomodating !! great weather, hotels and places to eat ... what are we waiting for !! ( am trying to twist Graham @ RMA's arm to organise a 40's track day @...
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    4 post lift

    I would just like to thank Malcs for his bravery in parking his 40 beneath mine .. nothing to do with the safety and security of his 4 post lift !... just at that time my car was doing it's level best to drip oil from a new and exciting place every time we cared to look at it !! But then it...
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    Guess what Jools drove today...

    Hi Guys, sorry for the delay in responding, but after 26hrs awake I thought I should have a little kip this morning !! Yes the Lambo was really great fun. Much more brutal than the Fezza, more raging bull than thoroughbred race horse. Audi have done a great job on the build, far, far better...
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    GTO Engineering.

    Have been there quite a lot recently Paul . They are still very much in buisness but depending on commitments Tour Auto, Goodwood Revival, etc. it can get a bit busy down there. Try giving them a call on 01189 401101.
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    Loton Park - What happened to all the GT40's?

    Sorry Paolo, but we are currently keeping Paul too busy fiddling with ours to go off and play with himself.
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    Engine 1 - Ouch!

    Paul can re-build it....Just takes time and money. Trouble is we are short on time and the money is rapidly following it !!
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    This Weeks Stupid Award Goes To Me!!

    I think we all empathise with you Bill. I was so pleased with myself when I managed to drill all the covers without incident when I re-built my 40. Accurately making card templates as I had to match the new covers and their respective holes to the existing holes in the painted body, gently...
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    Michelin Tyres

    Thanks for your input guys. I was led to belive that the TB5 was a new product and that both the TB5 and TB15 had only recently been approved as road legal.
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    Electric Water Pump Thoughts

    You may find it helpfull to contact Paul Thompson @ Smart-Tec as he has now done a number of electric water pump installs including mine and as well as de-bugging a number of installation issues has made a very neat add on to my standard controller , so that i can now run with the pump on...
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    Michelin Tyres

    Michelin have decided to re-introduce the TB15 range of tyres as well as a new TB5. Both are road legal in UK and range though ( for 15" rims) 170/65 , 215/55 , 270/45 , 295/40, and 335/35 . There may be the future possibility of other sizes available soon. They are a track day/race orientated...
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    Answers On A Post Card "again"

    From previous experience of Andrews marksmanship, the instructor carefully positioned himself into the one place he could be sure of that was in absolutely no danger of being shot.
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    UN1 6speed Testdriving?

    My six-speed is in and working well,full write up of installation and set up in the current and forthcomming GTD Club magazine.
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    I just sent off for my membership

    Hi Mark, Pleased to welcome you to the club. Don't worry about asking something stupid, we all came to the club with so many unanswered questions. Feel free to ask away, there is a wealth of knowlage out there. Hope you are able to come down to Goodwood for our trackday on Thursday 17th...
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    Yep, I got same message today straight into my inbox....Advise please ,do we just delete it or is there more clean-up we should do?
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    Reminder: Rolls-Royce, visit 7th February

    PO18OSH...Good postcode for a "POSH" factory See you all Tuesday.
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    295 50 VR 15 CR6ZZ tyre coming to the market

    Just like to say thanks to Malc. for all the work he has put into getting this tyre combo out of Avon . I'm sure we all understand how much work goes into getting something like this off the ground...especially as he has now "retired" from GT 40 competition so won't see the benefit himself ( or...
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    GTD's at Sovereign

    Re: GTD\'s at Sovereign Had a brief look at them when passing by a couple of weeks ago. They had just sold the Mk2. Both cars look good , but did not crawl over them in detail! The metallic Blue car is a very similar colour/shade to Martin and Mo's.
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    Reminder: Rolls-Royce, visit 7th February

    Like Paul T , can you confirm that I'm on your list please Charles? Thanks Jools
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    15" Image BRMs at Autosport

    Re: 15\" Image BRMs at Autosport Thanks Frank . Expect a call when I manage to recover from Xmas and the 6 speed!! The prospective luxury of two sets of rims...I can't wait!
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    15" Image BRMs at Autosport

    Re: 15\" Image BRMs at Autosport Did anyone get a closer look at them this year? I managed to completely miss them , but would be interested to hear others opinions ? Image wheels have in the past been a little...shall we say weighty compaired to some other do these compare?