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    Quaife 62G and 72G Transaxle

    I am commencing a scratch build Mk1 Popular transaxle choices are from Porsche the : G50/01, G50/50 and G50/52 (optimal) or G50/03 and Audi, the 016. Both Porsche and Audi transaxles seem popular in the forum. The Quaife is however, (based on their lierature) 'designed as a direct and uprated...
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    Spaceframe Chassis - variations

    I am interested in doing a 'scratch-build' using a tube steel spaceframe. What I am asking for feedback is that there appears to be 2 variations of the tube steel space-frame. To define each, I have provided a CAD image of the floor-plan structures for each. (Spaceframe01 and Spaceframe02)...
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    Torsional stiffness : Tube Steel Spaceframe

    I am interested to know if anyone has done any work on chassis torsional stiffness. A finite element model that I created indicates 1907Nm/deg (1406lbft/deg) for an unclad spaceframe. I intend to progress the model with cladding. Riveted aluminium appears a standard practice. I cannot...
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    Hi from Australia

    Have just joined, but have been a visitor for sometime now. I am really impressed with the quality of build information that is published and hope I can contribute. My starting point for building a Mk1 will be a little different than most, (probably because of my engineering...