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    Chuck and Ryan's RCR Build

    Hi guys, long time follower, first time poster in this thread, and I just want to say: Nice mod! BTW, you missed last year! ;)
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    GT40 Models

    Forgive my ignorance, but why are there very few (I only know of Spark) Gt40 Mk1 models in 1:18 scale? Is it a licensing issue? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?
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    Looking for front spoiler for gt40

    Check out Iain Prettys' build log. He's campaigning his GT40 (RF 117) in Oz. Got a pretty sweet front splitter. Page 5 shows the first pics of the splitter.
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    A few good salesmen

    I wanna be a salesman!
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    Girling Brake Booster Parts

    Sorry: Accidental post.
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    Help converting VOB files to mpeg

    I use a program called "handbrake" on the Mac, it's free, simple, fast and safe. They also have a version for PC and Linux, although I haven't tried it on those platforms. Check it out on ...And post the video when ur done!
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    Simple cad software or suite with space frame tutorial, recommendation??

    Check out Google Sketchup (google it), although it might be too simple for your purposes? It's free and easy to use anyway... Cheers!
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    One for the pilots amongst us.

    Hi Gus, what follows is my opinion. It does not necessarily represent fact or the opinions of my employer, or CASA. I have been a pilot for 12 years, but there are others that are much more qualified to comment than I, and I welcome their input. Jon is right, RVSM airspace reduces the...