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    Holley help

    Just had bilateral knee replacements so car has been laid up for a couple of years . Just got it running again but have a carb issue . One of the idle screws is leaking out fuel . My thoughts are stuck float or the small washer inside has deteriorated . Any ideas please
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    EFI change

    Currently have a ford 342 by roush with a 750 cfm. holly . The ignition is MSD electronic. I am tempted with the borla 8 stack efi Webber look like so being OCD about understanding the system before buying it wondered if I could get some corrective advice on the workings of the system. 1 ...
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    Perspex light cover water seal

    After this uk summer have found water ingress into the headlight/indicator/fog light compartments .it appears to be entering under the perspex(flexiglass) covers. Misting up is now a problem and the hid lights don't like it. How have members solved this'll? I had 3mm by15mm ploy foam tape below...
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    Exeter kit car show

    This event was painfully badly attended by manufacturers and industry suppliers and was certainly not worth the fuel and admittance fee . The show has had a steady demise over the last few years ,perhaps a sign of the severe resession we've had . Some guys brought their cars along but there was...
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    Electrical over heat

    Have just got my 40 back on the road after a year in the shed . So yesterday per mot gave it a good clean ran it for a while and all was fine. Today the smiths water temperature is reading 90 at rest and then around 140 when running. I know this is incorrect as the temperature controlled fans...
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    good priced decibel meter

    Having just been sound tested at 108,5 db I NEED TO MODIFY MY EXHAUSTS (MUFFLERS).does anyone know of a good system and meter to check the levels. The track insisted that testing was at 4500 rpm so as you guessed I wasnt able to test the car.Already have the bundle of snakes ,Its the boxes that...
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    spotted in paignton devon on 7 3 2011

    just passed a gt40 on back of lorry beige front clip blue doors and rear clip .Looks like just a body chassis with out light holes cut out. Is this some ones local to Devon ?
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    a8 gear box issue

    I am encountering a problem with my gear box hitting the left hand lower chasis rail opposite the lower wish bone mounting point.It appears that the engine torque causes a clock wise rotation of the whole drive unit (if viewing from the rear) which then angles the a8 box so the lower casing bolt...
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    suspension set up

    During my build I used the standard rf set up for the suspension. Now I feel the front end is really light and there is a tendancy for the car to hold its line on a steering command then all of a sudden break into its turn ,left more so than right. Any one in south west england with good...
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    door rubbers

    does anyone know the name of the uk rubber moulding supplier in columpton devon uk .went there and bought door rubbers 2 years ago cant remember their name but they were at exeter show 2007/2008. if not good excuse to get car out thursday for a run
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    holley carb balance

    Is there a simple way of balancing up either side a holley carb. I had to adjust mine at the sva test to get the emissions into the uk reccomended levels . Since then I have noted that the exhausts on one side of the inlet feed are red hot while the other side of the outlets are cooler so I must...
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    adhesive in engine bay

    Having now done 400 miles I am left with only one problem to sort .In my rf I was supplied with a reflective heat mat to glue to the inside of the clip over the exhaust area. I have used a comercial contact adhesive but it seems unable to cope with the heat . Could anyone suggest a...
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    fuse box problem

    340 trouble free miles then at traffic lights fuel pumps stop , Having a good looking car and breaking down out side the shop belonging to the gentleman who fitted my immobiliser couldn't have been easier.A couple of cyclists pushed me onto his fore court and he loaned me the tools to find the...
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    tyre pressures

    Did a 150 mile round trip with only a few rattles last night and the only obvious fault was too much tyre pressure and possibly suspension set to hard . using 17 inch wheels and 275 and 225 tyres respectivley any one chosen a suitable pressure yet that seems ideal for road use the new rf...
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    side window flap fitting

    Have just bonded in side windows now am fitting the flap windows. Has any one got good photos of the hinge fitting ,ie the pivot point in reference to the seam between window and flap,I have the original type perspex hinges (same shape as the aluminium ones) Does the edge of the flap need to...
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    side window bonding

    Having trimmed side windows to shape I have decided to bond them in rather than rivet or screw them down. Adhesive has been ordered and alls nearly ready .I now need to put a black line arround the side windows to cover any irregularities in the adhesive /paint cover. Does anyone know of a...
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    118 is road legal!!

    At last the sva is over and done with .Car passed on its 3rd attempt having just a few minor alterations the second time and just the hand brake on the third so now registration
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    vauxhall viva light conversions

    Having just passed the sva light test (hand brake the only failing point to sort this week ) by using the old style 410 bulbs I now need to up grade to a decent brightness.The industry implies that the H4 size bulb is a direct replacement to the 410 but having just attempted it there is a...
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    rf118 fails sva

    Got there with a completed car and started the sva test which was prety informative. the car failed on several points but non too serious!!!! 1. I made a guard for the light switches which now needs a little rounding off with some rubber then will pass 2 the laminated bulk head glass was...
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    118 first road drive(pre sva)

    Finally a midnight flit on trade plates to get the alarm installed. Wow! what a ride all those headaches have been worth while. Didnt exceed 70 at any point but its there quick and such a pleasure to drive. Gear box was snappy change and the clutch very light so really pleased, Going to...