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  1. Sandy

    One for Fran

    Fran - While I have not got much work done on the car, it makes it into the press now and again - Marketplace Photo Gallery: Automobile musings from an asphalt junkie It's a story about cars, me and Adam get some free press and I toss them out a few of my cars :) Hope things are well Sandy
  2. Sandy

    RCR-40 Now Up on the CarCast

    Well, sorta' a plug but never the less My friend Adam Carolla has a new CarCast (a podcast) but since I'm helping out I gut to put my s*it on the site too! The Site over 50k hits on the site on Saturday! And number one downloaded Podcast from iTunes. I guess people like comedy and cars...
  3. Sandy

    GT40 Makes it to Podcast Logo

    Well not exactly breaking news but here is the current logo for Adam Carolla's new 'CarCast' starting up this Saturday Sandy
  4. Sandy

    Enco 15% Discount

    Enco - Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Machinery, Tools and Shop Supplies I had to get a few things, 15% and lots of specials, helps. Sandy
  5. Sandy

    Wheel Offset Calculator

    Whipped up another simple tool. This one will help calculate wheel offset and rim edge movement (towards suspension or towards fender). It's pretty simple, you could do the same with a couple of rulers and a calculator, but here it is if you find you want to try different widths and offsets and...
  6. Sandy

    Haltech 10X ECU

    Anyone running a Haltech Fuel Injection system? I'm looking for some baseline tunes for a motor and figured someone here might just have one or some experience with it. I'm running a Haltech 10x Fuel only on a 347 SBF with 10.5:1 compression and TWM Stacks, 55lb Injectors, soild roller, healthy...
  7. Sandy

    I got the shaft

    Just got rear half shafts for the RCR40, and before ordering bolts just want to make sure the wheel sides are what I think they are. The trans is a 930 with both sides 930 cv's. Trans side 10mmx60mm 1.5pitch allen heads Are the wheel side the same 10mmx60mm threads? Also any gasket between...
  8. Sandy

    Compression Ratio (static) Calc Up

    Just finished another simple tool for calculation of static compression, pretty common, but figured I should add it to the mix. Compression Ratio Calculator Sandy
  9. Sandy

    Injector Size Calculator Now up too!

    Here is a set of simple tools for doing injector sizing, pressure changes, Lbs to CC, etc. All simple to use. Injector Size Calculator Sandy
  10. Sandy

    Wire Size Calculator Now Up

    Just finished a simple wire size calculator on my site for determining the correct gauge wire for the give amps and length. Might be helpful for those doing their own harnesses Wire Size Calculator The others are here
  11. Sandy

    Carb CFM Calculator now up

    Still hacking some code for fun, simple Carburetor CFM calculator with some charts to help visualize the CFM at specific RPM and VE. Carburetor Size Calculator Others here Tire Size Calculator Tire Size Calculator Next Up - Fuel Injector size Calculator Compression Raito...
  12. Sandy

    Friday Movie

    I have not come across one this good in a long time. America's Future Leaders... And For Friday, here it is ;) Motorator Video - NOS, Idiots and Street Racing Equals Blown Honda Enjoy Sandy
  13. Sandy

    See that Jalopy Ahead...

    My video of the week, an old 50's Hot Rod Safety film. Full of fun 50's talk and some dry lake racing to keep those damn youth off the street... Motorator Video - See That Jalopy Ahead... Cool 50's Hot Rod Movie Enjoy Sandy
  14. Sandy

    Gear and Tire Calculator Web Based

    I got back to a hacked up project I started working on a while ago and got it almost working. Basically a simple web based Tire and Gear calculator. It was modeled after the windoze version GearCalc that I use but wanted a web version. It is still missing some things (Metric, tire diameter...
  15. Sandy

    Fun Rally Footage

    Here is a nice fun video for Monday. I can't stop watching it for some reason, but some nice Renault doing stunts... well unintended. Feels like Monday video! Enjoy Sandy
  16. Sandy

    Master Shut Off Switch

    This has come up before, but it's quite here today so I'll bring it up again ;-) Who has shots of master power switches on their 40's? I was looking at doing a remote OFF (Off only from outside) like some of the newer cars do with a cable pull. Anyone rig one of them up? I was almost thing...
  17. Sandy

    In Car Battery

    Question for the Safety folks. I'm going to end up stuffing a Odyssey PC1200 in the passenger footwell of my RCR. I have looked at a couple of battery boxes, and it ends up be basically the open billet type and sealed (well I'll call it semi sealed). Given that the box is not that thick and...
  18. Sandy

    Saac 30 Gt40 Mk1 1043

    I'm sure this has been posted, but didn't really doesn't matter, excellent to watch. Wideo at the California Speedway. Some flat out racing in a GT40. Motorator Video - GT40 MKI at SAAC 30 California Speedway Enjoy Sandy
  19. Sandy


    I think the moderator killed the user, can he (Ron?) kill the posts as well. They have accomplished the intended spam if the link is still in the post. They are getting the google index ranking bump if the link (URL) still exists in the pages. Kill them spammers dead.
  20. Sandy

    Open Track Willow Spring April 19-20, 2008

    Time for the Annual Spring Open Track with the Los Angeles Shelby Club. The Track is The Streets of Willow. Instructors available at no charge, as well as a super low cost event for 2 days of racing. Cost is $195 for members or $205 for non members (Membership is only $28, most all car types...