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    Del's Build: SLC IR/8

    What does"No Pics" mean???
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    Front Anti-Roll Bar Links and Ground Clearance

    Modified links using thin jam nuts
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    SPF spline size front sway bar?

    While you are repairing the sway bar. You can shorten the links as well to help with ground clearance.
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    SPF spline size front sway bar?

    Chamfer the arm on both sides and tig both sides
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    ERA for sale

    You better go back and read the posts. I was not referring to Ron.
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    ERA for sale

    It's amusing to me that neither one of the two guys that knocked this really nice ERA own a gt40 and that they both failed to recognize the Gurney heads. Way to go, guys!
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    Superformance MK1 Rear A-arm support collar

    Someone decided not to take the support so there is one left for whoever comes first. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    Superformance MK1 Rear A-arm support collar

    If everyone takes one that wanted one, they are all gone. Thanks, Rick
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    Superformance MK1 Rear A-arm support collar

    No, You can use the same bolts just discard the large washers on the a-arm bolts. I replaced my a-arm bolts with new grade 8 because they were slightly bent. It's probably a good idea to replace them anyway.
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    Superformance MK1 Rear A-arm support collar

    I have 4 lower A-arm support collars water jet cut from 1/4" 4130 moly and powder coated. Superformance MK1's did not come with these as the original cars had. They are a must if you track or aggressively drive your car. they are $100.00 + shipping from Socal.
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    Alan Mann Car

    This is a superformance mk1! Changes have been made to brakes, a/c deleted, but for sure an spf basic mk1 platform.
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    1965 spf gt40 sold

    Rumor has it, the car was bought back by the owner to stop the bleeding with commissions payed.
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    zf-0 clutch slave arm

    Check clutch arm at Safir Spares Ltd.
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    drag strip

    Jack, this what you have and what you need. Regards, Rick
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    Road Clearance Issue

    Jack, Here are the pics of what you need to do. The shallow nuts are known as jam nuts. I've got the engieering drawings for the rear lower suspension collar that I showed you at Monterey. PM me you email adress and I will send them. Regards, Rick
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