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    Calling Dan White!

    I too would be interested in acquiring one from shipping here within the US. I’m prepping to scratch build and have front/rear clam shells but pieces to be assembled for the center spider (think KVA molded) and need one in hand to graft them together in proper shape. My experience with...
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    Comment by 'Wolfman' in media '744B0863-1E1C-46FA-AB79-127D82E10A15.jpeg'

    How much do you think? The ones I’ve found in the U.K. are £250 plus shipping.
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    Comment by 'Wolfman' in media '744B0863-1E1C-46FA-AB79-127D82E10A15.jpeg'

    Was thinking more of a trade? Don’t know what it’s worth...let me research.
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    Rt Drive Dash

    Dave, sent you a PM with pics.
  5. Dash


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    RHD 2
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    RHD front
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    RHD 1
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    RHD 3
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    RHD top
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    Rt Drive Dash

    Dave, I’m in ABILENE, TX. I’ll take some pics this weekend. It’s a fiberglass molded blank essentially. I’ll also take some measurements so you can get an idea if it would work for your application. Devin
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    Rt Drive Dash

    I’ve got one but would really like to exchange for a LHD have one we can trade?
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    FS USA superformance exhaust, gtforte parts

    I’ll take the adaptor plate! I’ll PM you.
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Looks like it sold on Tuesday. Too rich for my budget at this time (not sure exactly what it sold for) but the pre-auction bidding went higher than I expected. Anyone here get it?
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Mahlon, thanks for the input and help. From the best I can tell from the pic it does look like square tubing myself which could mean an easier fix on the structure. I’m hoping to talk with someone at the yard to get a better pic of the area and see if they can tell me more about it and the...
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Is anyone in the Flint area that can inspect or lay eyes on it for me? I have all the body parts to fix it (have had them for over 15yrs!) and this might be the perfect situation to make my GT-40 dream become a reality. Feel free to PM me if you can help see what shape the frame may be in...
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    Dreams Can come true! My GT

    I too can attest to Peter being a great guy! I got the pleasure in meeting him about 2 years ago when he was selling his kit and had just got the yellow RF. It is indeed a nice car and am sure Peter made many improvements to it over the last couple of years while enjoying it. Good luck and...
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    Now is the time!

    Thanks Scott, I've got to sell a house and move first before I get the chance to see what's left for starting my project. Hopefully the exchange rate will stay low throughout spring so I can take advantage of the terrific value it is to us in the U.S. Devin
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    Now is the time!

    Scott, What happened to the US spec kits on the website? Are they still available packages? If so, what are the GBP prices so we can keep track of them as the conversion rate falls? Thanks