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    Torque wrench and socket set

    Re: 2006 special edition GT Tungston lug nuts I'm sure it's much too late for this response, but it's the first time I've been on the site in many months. Anyway yes, this is a Ford GT, not a GT40. But you do not have the factory lug nuts. These are aftermarket lug nuts from an individual who...
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    CA GT40 wanted

    Michael, Again, are you representing Hillbank and referring to the Silver/Black stripe Mark II? Is that the car that you are citing in the context of repainting? Just trying to keep my names/vendors/cars aligned :) Regards, Rich
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    CA GT40 wanted

    Is this your car? Are SPF's 'painted'? Or is colored gelcoat (I guess the former since it isn't all fiberglass, hun?) :) Rich
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    CA GT40 wanted

    That's incredible. Who is the best contact for the detail on this forum? (Of course I'll also contact SPF/Hillbank) Thank you very much. Rich
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    Farhad, I have been searching for an SPF Ford GT for some time and came across yours (rather...

    Farhad, I have been searching for an SPF Ford GT for some time and came across yours (rather indirectly) via the Good Guys auto show recently. I am inquiring to see if your car is still for sale, and whether we can exchange contacts so that we can discuss how I can get more info. By way of...
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    CA GT40 wanted

    I am searching for a completed GT40 that can easily be registered in CA under SB100 regs. Preferences (but not requirements) are: White/blue stripes or Gulf livery Small block/fuel injection Superperformance Air conditioning Left hand drive I plan to use the car for track and street...
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    Roaring Forties GT40 RF 109 *SOLD*

    Re: Factory built RF For Sale Yes, with a full walk-around the exterior and interior. It's a beautiful can and I am potentially interested but it seems harder than it should to get all the details.
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    The ultimate tool chest

    Yea, but what does he do when Home Depot has a sale on tools?
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    2015 Ford GT

    I wonder what Ford is trying to achieve here? The 2005-2006 car was a 'halo car' to commemorate their 100-year anniversary (I think). Looking to 2015 it looks like Ford wants to emulate that look, but unlike the '05-'06 cars, they will use much more technology to bring the look in to the current...
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    New guy

    Hello, for now I'm the newest new guy. I'm a long-time car lover but until I hit well into middle age I lived vicariously through the car purchases of others. I learned to drive a stick when I was 17 on a BMW 2002 tii and have friends now who take will take me for a ride in their Scuderias...