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    Granada rear hub carrier mounting bolt size

    Hi Does anyone know what size the 4 mounting bolts are for the granada rear hub carriers please? I believe they are M10, but not sure if it's a standard or fine thread? Also, given nylocs aren't used, I'm guessing it would be a good idea to use some threadlock? Cheers James
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    Bolts - Hex vs Socket

    Hi Guys I've been wondering about this for a little while now... what are the merits of these two types of bolts? You obviously see both types on vehicles, but when would you choose one over the other? I guess there's the fact that in confined spaces one type may be a little easier to access...
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    Ford GT40 Review: Mastering 40 Inches of Fury

    Ford GT40 Review: Mastering 40 Inches of Fury Just read this, and thought I'd pass it on :)
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    GT-Forté / GTS40 - cockpit gear linkage space

    Hi These comments are primarily aimed at the GT-Forté / GTS40 chassis and builders, but input from anyone else / on other chassis is more than welcome too... I've been thinking about the driver cockpit space and the space for the gear linkage mechanism. In the GTS40 chassis, the drivers...
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    Audi 01E gearshift pattern

    Hi Please could anyone confirm if this is how the gearbox works? Or would I need to flip either the forward/back or side/side motions? Cheers James
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    Old style black and silver number plates for q-reg (in UK)

    Hi Just seen a discussion on the locostbuilders site about using black & silver plates on a q reg. Apparently VOSA have confirmed that it is fine to do so from an MOT point of view. Useful for anyone with a q-plate wanting more of a period look. Yet another Q plate question
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    James' GT-Forté scratch build GT40 MkI

    I've been researching a GT40 build for a year now and have just started to put some of the thinking/planning into action. I picked up the body from Darren at GTS yesterday with a 550 mile round trip. I'm really pleased with the quality of the body, and many thanks to Darren for helping to get...
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    Rendered GT40

    Not sure if this has been linked to before (apologies if it has), but I thought it was pretty cool. It must have taken nearly as long to do as building a real one....!
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    World's smallest V12 engine

    This guy has some pretty amazing
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    Chassis dimension info needed

    Hi I'm trying to find a chassis dimension for the horizontal distance between the hub/wheel mounting surface and the car centre line. From the info here it says the track width is 55in both front and rear. But without the size of the wheel and wheel back space I can't work out the above...
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    Classic cars rev up their investment credentials

    BBC News - Classic cars rev up their investment credentials The video shows a Mark II which won at Le Mans
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    Rear uprights - fabrication plans

    Hi I'm currently researching a scratch build 40, and looking at what to do for the rear uprights. I don't have the capability to produce cast uprights so fabricating them out of mild steel would appear the easiest approach. I know some of the GTDs have fabricated uprights with Granada hubs...
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    Cost of engines

    Just been looking at engines and noticed that for similar specs, the Ford engines are more expensive than Chevy engines. For a couple of examples.... In US: Chevy: 350ci, 330hp, $6,000 Ford: 302ci, 330hp, $7,000 So around 17% more expensive In UK: Chevy: 350ci, 330hp, £3,500 plus VAT Ford...
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    Scratch built chassis

    I've been looking around for chassis plans and seen that there are some autocad drawings (& associated jpegs) which look to have been doing the rounds for a number of years. (Seen them here) Just wondered if anyone has actually used these as the basis for a build? What do people think of them...
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    Hi there! Been looking on this site for a little while now so thought I'd say hello properly. There's such a wealth of information here and what looks like a firendly bunch of people too! I'm at the very early stages of looking to potentially build a GT40. Just at the research stage at the...
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    Just a quick post...

    ... to allow me to send a PM as I'm new here!