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    Porsche 917 bathtub anyone?

    @ Porsche Museum Shop:
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    R.I.P. Eric Broadley

    Eric Broadley passed away last night aged 88 after he had already suffered a heavy stroke 2 weeks ago. R.I.P.
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    P-51 D Mustang FPV

    Found that supercool: P-51D Mustang, realistic cockpit Scale FPV HD - YouTube Camerasignal is transmitted to a pair of fpv goggles worn by the pilot on the ground.
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    GT40 by Lego

    For those who seek for a little presi for their children or themselves: You'll want this Lego 1966 Ford GT40 and 2016 GT - Autoblog
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    A 917, a Head of State and machine pistols

    Here´s a funny anecdote from an interview with former 917 and Porsche test driver Willi Kauhsen, published in Germany´s SPIEGEL magazine this week. As some of you may find it interesting, here´s my rough translation: SPIEGEL: On April 3rd 1973 you drove Germany´s Head of State Gustav Heinemann...
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    A380 departure and landing in detail

    Departure from FRA: Landing in SFO:
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    Goodbye Audi
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    A wonderful evening...

    ...just coming back from an end of season reception hosted by the Solitude Revival Society. Many old Porsche heroes attended and a special tribute was given to Hans Hermann, LM winner 1970 on a 917. Had a wonderful long chat with Peter Falk, Porsche Racing Manager from 1969 onwards and...
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    R.I.P. Lemmy

    So sad to see a another true character leaving this planet. He didn´t make much fuss... Dec 24: Birthday Dec 26: Cancer diagnosis Dec 28: Death
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    Tribute to Dr. John Hinds

    Tribute to the highly respected "Flying Doctor" who recently died during the "Skerries 100 Races" near Dublin. On his way to a crash scene, he sometimes overtook some of the racers on the course... Here´s a lecture he gave on road racing accidents, full of very dry humour...
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    Weekend of a champion

    For those who haven´t watched it for a while...still good:
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    Lufthansa A 321 incident

    ...a bit worrying: Incident: Lufthansa A321 near Bilbao on Nov 5th 2014, loss of 4000 feet of altitude Not sure if a less experienced cockpit crew would have been able to disconnect the correct Air Data Units. So far, it seems as though Lufthansa has been trying hard not to reveal anything...
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    Brian Redman on the 917

    :cheesy:...funny insights
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    Scary moment in a Lola
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    Airbus A340 -Engine Failure

    Found this a quite interesting footage (no simulation) of a flight from Zürich to Shanghai by "Pilot´s eye", a TV program featuring real flying footage. Here, they captured an engine # 3 failure and the crew´s handling of the situation (having some good swiss chocolate while dumping 53 tons of...
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    This time it was only doors, horn etc.: Students hack Tesla Model S, make all its doors pop open IN MOTION
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    STAR WARS @ Racing

    ...nothing to do with current F1 podiums. An early race car movie made by Star Wars director and petrolhead George Lucas: No wonder a Lola T70 MK3 Coupe also starred in his movie "THX 1138": TXH 1138 - Lola T70 Mk III - YouTube
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    Mark Webber´s next workhorse

    ...the 2014 PORSCHE 919 Hybrid: Porsche 919 Hybrid wird auf dem Auto-Salon in Genf gezeigt - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Auto I wish him all the best :thumbsup:
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    Titanium Balls

    Always thought proper 4-wheel drifting requires quite some balls, but these guys...:shocked: superbiKe dRifT - YouTube
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    A commercial which didn´t please Mercedes

    ...made by film academy students: MCP on Vimeo