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    SBC MacKay Webber manifold w/ Ealry 48 IDA's

    Small block Chevy MacKay aluminum Webber manifold early Italian 48 Ida's carbs gone through, all linkage, complete, no corrosion. excellent condition. came of F5000 car, would be nice on a T70 Located in Bedford Ohio $8500
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    1984 Alba GTP AR3-001 ex MOMO Team car - Sold

    I e-mailed forum moderator to see if this would be ok and never heard back so here goes. 1984 ALBA GTP chassis AR3-001 ex Moretti MOMO 84 team car ( w/Cosworth DFV), then ran by Ira Young in Malibu Grand Prix colors ( w/ Mazda 13B) The tub is all carbon fiber, never crashed, no delamination...
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    Weslake Gurney Eagle Ford heads

    I have most of an original Weslake Eagle kit along with all the intake manifold variations. I do not have all of the studs and am missing the rockers ( new ones available from Cushman)and the water return manifolds, these could be fabbed or bought from cushman. This kit was bought out of Gurneys...