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    Gale's Mk II (RCR)

    Here is the car with the engine and transaxle installed. More has been done but mostly in details and then removed.
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    Motor mounts

    Fran sent me a MK II last week and I'm putting an FE in with a Porsche 930 behind it. I've spent a fair amount of time looking thru the threads here and haven't been able to find much about motor mounts. The first order of business is to get the gear box mounted to the engine and set in the...
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    Looking for FE engine knowledge

    Hi all. I recently ordered a MK II from RCR and I agree with the FE for the car. I like the classic look and think the FE is the right look to fill the engine bay. It won't be here for some time and I think now is a good time to do the initial engine work. I'm not looking for a sideoiler...
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    Hello from Puyallup Wa.

    Hi Puyallup Wa is about 30 miles south of Seattle:) This past week I ordered a RCR 40 Mk II. My son and I traveled to Detroit for a tour and a most informative and enjoyable meeting with Fran. It was a great experience and I'm very much looking forward to working with the folks at RCR. I...