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    Steering Shaft Support

    What is your car using for this design ? I have two 3/4" ball joint rod ends that the main upper shaft passes through and is supported but I don't like the metal to metal contact. Steve
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    A/C lines crimp tool

    I have just finished ordering my A/c lines and fittings from Vintage Air to complete my system. I will be using the beadlock fittings. I have twelve crimps that need to be made and the tool they sell cost over $450. Does anybody have any suggestions for alternatives or a tool they might be...
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    CV axle to Universal cross

    Gentleman : I am at the point of having to weld up the Audi Trans inboard CV joints axles to the outboard universal cross joints. Is there any special consideration for the relationship of placement to each other as in the phase of such? Any infomation would be greatly appreciated. Steve
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    Sounding Out

    To pass inspection I, and would beieve most out there need some type of horn. What do the RF,ERA,CAV and others offer.Did the orignal cars sold for street use just have stock ford horns from 1966 pasenger cars or some air horns of sort.What are you using? Steve
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    Wanted Assembly Manual or Info KVA etc.

    Hi: I have a older KVA that Iam workig on and would like too find out any info on building this car or any other kind of info that would be relevant. Any help or direction would be greatly apreciated. Steve
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    Wheel Alignment Specs

    What kind of numbers are some members using for front and rear Toe-in, caster and camber? Any problems using a local wheel alignment shop? Steve
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    Power Assist or Not

    I am at the crossroads of which way to go. I think back about no assist days and my leg is starting to bother me already.My car would be used almost exclusivly for pleasure driving very little chance of racing.Has anybody had the chance to experience both and relate such ?
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    Header Design !

    Who has built there own,what are the advantages and disadvantages of 180 degree design.How do you figure out the sequence? Steve
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    Gt40 steering wheel logo/winged dzus fasteners

    Does anyone know were to purchase either of the above items? Thanks Steve [email protected] [email protected]