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    Hi guys. Does anyone have any advice of hanging doors. I did away with the original hinges that came with the chassis as I didn’t like the concept. There was an open end on both top and bottom bolts. I know the changes of the door coming off and losing it is minimal however that wasn’t my only...
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    Tires for 15”x14” rim??

    Hi Guys, I’m trying to find some tires for my rear 15”x14” rears. Struggling with anything over 295 recommended for a 10.5”. Any suggestions? TIA
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    17” BRM wheels FOR SALE

    I am selling my 17” BRM wheels made by image. The fronts are 8” and rears are 10”. They have gloss black centres with a polished outer lip. Only selling due to having now fit Gulf arches and reducing diameter to 15”. Wheels are in fantastic condition with almost new tires. £2000 for wheels and...
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    BRM 15” Centre locks **NEEDED**

    Hi Guys I know the stakes are probably low, however I wanted to asked before I place an order (because I’m inpatient and hate waiting). Im after a set of 15” wheels to accommodate Gulf Arches. TIA
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    Steel or Aluminium Spider

    Hi Guys hope everyone is keeping well. Not sure if this is a topic that’s been covered before or not however, does anyone know a company or of any steel or aluminium spiders available for sale? This is something I really want to add to my build however the thought of a scratch build is pretty...
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    Chassis’ in order BEST TO WORST

    Just curious as to what people believe the top spaceframe chassis is down to the worst and why.
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    MDA GT40 Rebuild.

    Hi guys you may remember a few weeks ago I posted some pictures of my newly purchased MDA GT40. I had planned to changed the colour, possibly ass Gulf arches and give it a general tidy up. After looking a little deeper I soon realised that if I was to enjoy this car a lot needed to change...
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    Plug and play loom for 302 EFI

    Hi. I am looking for a complete loom and engine management system for my Ford V8 302 stroked to a 347 with EFI. It has a Renault 5 speed box with Quaiffe internals. Motor was built by Mike Huddard. thanks
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    Hi!! New GT40 owner!

    Hello All! I have just purchased my first ever "Ford!" a MDA GT40. This is my first replica so I am open to any advice, do's, dont's etc. The car was built by an Engineer out of the Gulf, hence the paint job. This I may change as although I like it, I do find it a little gimmicky. The...