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    car covers

    I know, use the search function, which I did with no luck. We have talked about car covers in the past. As I recall there is a company in California that makes one for the GT40. Anyone remember the name of the company? Thanks
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    Parts for sale

    I have been in the process of installing a ZF box into my CAV and now have a number of extra parts for sale. This first picture is of my new transaxle. I have not posted pictures in quite awhile, so here goes...
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    A.C. Condensor Shrouding

    Could someone take a nice closeup picture of their A.C. condensor shrouding that seals up to the inner wheel well opening. My early car does not have this sheet metal and I have been told that adding it will greatly improve the efficiency of the A.C. system by keeping the hot air surrounding...
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    I was talking to the Superformance guys at the Concourso Italiano on friday in Monterey while I was checking out the new daytona coupe. I was able to meet Pete Brock and he had a lot of info to share on the new coupe. Anyway, one of the factory reps was standing near by so I asked him if it...