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    any room left

    just recieved an email from a friend and thought i would share its contents from the australian prime minister A must read and pass on! This guy could teach our politicians a few things on how to run a country. Australian Prime Minister does it again!! This man should be...
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    gulf flares - availability

    i own a tornado ts40 and i am looking to put gulf flares on my kit i can get flares from tornado direct but wondered if anyone else did them? located in the uk many thanks chris
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    looking for a couple of old tyres

    hi guys a bit of a long shot but does anyone have a couple of old tyres so i can try fit my rims on the car and check tyre sizes not bothered about condition and happy to either collect if local to leicester uk or pay courier collection sizes i'm looking for are 295/40*17 and 315/40*17 also...
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    my new exhaust

    got my car back today from jp exhausts just thought i would share with you the results i'm chuffed to bits with it. :-)
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    un1 clutch slave problems

    hi guys i,m trying to get my clutch slave cylinder to clear the clutch but having problems. i have a renault 21 un1-13 box and a standard renault clutch slave cylinder and willwood clutch master cylinder, running 1/4 bore solid clutch pipe but no matter what i do i can't seem to get the clutch...
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    engine number???

    i'm trying to insure my kit but need the engine number from the rear of the block unfortunatley part of it is obsured what i think it says is "dca 00 a76661" the casting number is ok a "d9ae 6015 bd 17" does the engine number make sence to anyone or does any one know a good site to try and...
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    oil pressure switch tread size

    does any one know what the tread size is for the oil pressure switch on a 351w windsor engine and who makes a t piece to have an oil pressure gauge and switch
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    knock off's and sva

    can you use knock off wheels to pass an sva test if you use centre hub nuts instead of tri lugs
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    what size rims and tyres

    what size rims and tyre sizes front and rear are you guys running. Would there be any problems running vintage wheels on the road in the uk??? (not dot marked etc)
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    uk exhaust fabricators

    hi guys i need your help. i'm at the stage of needing to fabricate an exhaust system and would like your recomendations. I have always looked at a stainless system and would like to go down this route i understand their will be more heat and noise but love the look of the system as it ages...
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    thinking of moving to canada

    hi guys my wife and i are thinking about relocating in canada so i wanted to pick peoples brains about were to live and which parts people thought were the nicest. I would like to work the winter seasons in a ski resort (i'm a qualified ski instructor) and summers either driving hgv's or...
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    spinners/nuts and sva

    thinking ahead for sva testing if i were to fit some vintage wheels with centre lug nut instead of spinners will they pass sva testing i understand the tri spinners will fail sva but would one central nut fail chris
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    can you fit 18" to a 40

    i may get flamed asking this but here goes is it possible to fit 18" wheels to a forty and has anyone done it and any pictures avaliable
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    granada rear hubs carriers

    i'm looking to fit vented rear brakes from a ford granada onto my ts40 i have standard rear hub carriers from a solid disced granada and have found out the mounting lugs to mout the pad caliper carrier are too short and need to be longer does anyone have a pair of 2.9 granada hubs or know of any...
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    alloy uprights

    does anybody else do front alloy uprights for a tornado ts40 other than going through tornado sports cars tried to get hold of raceleda suspension but their site appears to be down and i have been informed they have been taken over by mnr (mn racing) but their site only shows cortina uprights...
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    problems with rear shocker alignment

    hi guys i was wondering if you can help trying to fit rear shockers on my tornado build but the alignment of the lower shocker mount on the rear upright seems to be out of alignment with the upper mount by almost an inch or so the upright is loosely mounted in its natural rest position do i need...
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    Lucas Switch Help Needed!!!!

    hi guys just recieved a couple of lucas switches and pulling my non existant hair out one is a off on on six pin i think switch for the wiper switch the other is a on off on for the indicators six pin not sure if these are the right way round has anyone got any wireing diagrams they could email...
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    just to lighten the mood

    i know its a sad time for all concerned but found this and thought it may help after all its what the gt is all about (speed) gt drag race
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    clutch slave cylinder movement

    hi i am in the process of fitting hydrolics on my tornado and does anybody know how much movement the clutch slave cylinder rod has on their car when the clutch pedal is fully depressed, i only have a small amount of movement approx 1/2 inch which i feel may not be enough to fully disengage the...
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    edelbrock carb question

    i am in the process of fitting an edelbrock carb to my build i know from when the carb came off that the fuel inlet went on the n/s or left hand side and throttle cable on the right o/s can i turn the carb round 180 degrees so the front of the carb is faceing the rear of the car i've test fitted...