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    Again, Please allow me to remind the group that near-identical-to-original, 180 degree crossover exhaust, are available for 302's and 351W's. These are fabricated from fixtures developed off of an original Mark I un-altered system, unfortunately though, from a chassis number I am not at liberty...
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    GT-40 is hot and all but..................

    Well, I called "Robert" at 8:45 AM his time and had a very weird conversation. I asked many questions about what his "kit" included and could not get any answers. I asked if he was just selling a body shell, or a fully trimmed body, or something in between, and/or a three seat center drive...
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    GT-40 is hot and all but..................

    Take a look at the following messages I received from the MC1 guy. I sent an email to them asking for info on the replica/kit, when a car would be done, prices, etc. Here's what I got back in two emails... "giovanni I am doing the mclaren f1 and will be doing my design after If you...
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    GT40 racing decals

    A complete set of decals which includes most of those used on GT40s at LeMans in 1968/1969. Available in static cling vinyl for re-use or adhesive backed vinyl for permanent application. Each set of two decal sheets includes the following decals: Goodyear, Ferodo, Trico, Koni, Autolite...
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    Bundle of Snakes - New Source!

    Hello, all. The photos of the engine and exhaust depict my car. Please email any questions regarding fit, features, materials, cost, etc. and I will provide all answers. In the mean time, I am not able to process credit cards, however, I will not accept payment until I can ship parts. There...
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    Parts Orders - How long is too long?

    Oh, by the way, Ron, sending me payment would not be sending it into the void, particularly because I won't accept paymemt until I can ship a system. There absolutely will not be any more than 5-7 days between payent receipt and exhaust system receipt.
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    Parts Orders - How long is too long?

    I'm not planning on taking over George's business, or his debts, or his reputation, etc., etc. I just wanted to let some of you folks know that I may end up being the guy for exhaust, particularly if George contacts me again and asks me to handle any of his "future" orders. Again, please feel...
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    Parts Orders - How long is too long?

    George Cochrane called me a few weeks ago and we discussed the possibiity of his handing off his exhaust work to me. (I hope some of you have seen my posting regarding 180 degree exhaust under the For Sale sectin of the forum). At any rate, George certainly seemed like a straight guy, and...
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    GT40 LeMans Decal set

    Sorry....nevermind. I'll try image station next.
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    GT40 LeMans Decal set

    Trying to post photos of LeMans decal sets for GT40 available in static cling or adhesive vinyl. Hope this works...
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    Exhausts - where are they ??

    For any of you who run out of patience and sue, I can deliver highly accurate "Bundle of Snakes" exhaust system within three weeks. Some of you have received an email with photos from me already, but anyone may feel free to call me for details at (248) 705-3586. Good Luck!
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    1968-1969 LeMans Racing Decals

    If you can provide art (color photo from book, magazine, etc.) I can reproduce decal fairly accurately.
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    1968-1969 LeMans Racing Decals

    Complete set of two decals each of most of the 1968/1969 GT40 LeMans racing decals. Includes: Ferodo - black rectangle, red top&btm border, red name; Trico - white "wiper wipe patern" background, red name; Koni - red shock absorber under a black rectangle, white name, white border; Autolite -...
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    GT40 exhaust systems available now!

    Need a near exact copy of the famous "Bundle of Snakes" exhaust system? Email me for details on how you can get yours today! null
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    Hi All (again)

    Mark III exhaust consisted of short exhaust manifolds (they looked like 289 Mustang cast exhaust manifolds bolted on upside down on opposite sides of the engine), extension pipes that ran just about straight toward the back just outside of the engine width, into small roundish mufflers with tail...
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    Who Makes and sells a car cover that fits the MK I

    Contact ERA in CT, USA for a very good cover at a reasonable price. (860) 224-0253.