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    FS USA 01E 6 speed transaxle and Induction motor

    I have an extremely rare 01E transaxle mated to a 31KW siemens induction motor which was removed from an Audi A4 duo. Great start for a hybrid GT40 etc. Can also configure gearbox to your specs, included is a spare motor. $4500 obo.
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    Cool looking gearbox

    1007 SUPERCAR TRANSVERSE SYNCHROMESH GEARBOX Likely huge $$$$$$$$ or £££££££££££££££££
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    New 01E sale

    I recently received a shipment of new old stock 01E gearboxes and have two left. I'm offering a brand new DQS code 01E for $3000.00. I also have a brand new large ring gear 01E with diff oil pump for $3500.00 Both are new old stock from Europe. Ignore the monstrosity in the middle it's for...
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    Official Sponsor 01E Gearbox Specials $3995.00

    In honor of becoming an official sponsor, Advanced Automotion is offering our Remanufactured 01E transmission with wavetrac differential at a substantial discount. For a limited time, AAM's 01E gearbox is being offered at $3995.00 which includes the installation of a Wavetrac differential, with...
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    FS USA F/S New large Ring gear 01E transaxle

    I've got 2 new 01E transaxles that have the larger (10 inch) G50 style ring gear, which makes these significantly stronger than the standard 01E. They feature the wide 26mm first gear, and a differential oil pump. They are NOS (New Old Stock). Gear ratios are: 3.75 final drive 3.875 1st 2.188...
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    New 01X gearbox

    I have a new 01X gearbox with the following specs: Ratios: 1st 3.67 2nd 2.05 3rd 1.37 4th 1.13 5th .80 6th .66 Final 3.75 I got this as a sample from Germany for a project and decided to go another route. These gearboxes can handle about 400-450 ft/lbs safely. I've seen them...