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    Parts/Supplier Needed for Superformance GT40 MKII

    Hi: I thought I would expand this search to this world-wide forum to see if anyone has the following parts for my Superformance GT40 MKII: 1. The round plugs which cover the access holes to the fuel line on the door post. 2. The grommets into which the the strikers on the rear clam shell...
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    Superformance GT40 MKII Parts wanted

    Hi: I am looking for one of the cover plugs over the fuel lines on the driver side doorpost (see picture attached called "Plug"), and a couple of the grommets into which the rear clam shell pins fit when lowered (see picture attached called grommets). I appreciate any help or suggestions...
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    Flip Out Window Screw Size

    Apologies if I have not called the inset window which is hinged and can be flipped open by its proper name, but I am wondering if anyone knows the size of the tiny hex screws which attach the plexiglass to the metal supports. I lost one, and could use some spares, as well. Thanks, /s/ Chris...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari--New Official Trailer

    Hi: I am somewhat of a movie buff, and at a huge movie industry convention going on now in Las Vegas Disney showed the first official trailer from "Ford vs. Ferrari" (Disney now owns 20th Century Fox, the studio). Apparently, it absolutely floored the attendees and was a huge hit. I haven't...
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    Blas Costagli wiring diagram

    Hi: I had a great morning finally locating and solving an electrical problem that was preventing my MKII's fans from coming on. It turned out simply to be a blown 40 AMP fuse located near the battery (probably blew out when some debris lodged in one of the fans and preventing it from turning)...
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    Front Anti-Roll Bar Links and Ground Clearance

    Hi: I have been having a great time driving my car in the real world (even in a slight drizzle in traffic a few days ago!) now that I have raised it a bit, and something which has also helped has been to trim down/shorten the front anti-roll bar links. About those links, I have seen several...
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    RCR GT40-MKII Front Anti-Roll Bar arrangement

    Hi: Does anyone have any pictures of the arrangement used by RCR for the front anti-roll bar and related linkage (I am interested in seeing how this compares to the Superformance arrangement if, in fact, it's different). Thanks! /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Filling Tanks--Fuel Cutoff

    Hi: As I "learn" more about my GT40 MKII, I am now turning to the subject of filling the gas tanks. So far I have been putting in gas in discrete volumes of 5-10 gallons, and am now ready to take the big step of filling until "full", as if it were a normal car----this sounds like a dumb...
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    Sill Access Plate

    Hi, everyone: Again showing my ignorance: Is the silver-colored removable cover piece fitted to the top of the sill that you climb over to get in and out of the car an access "port" directly into the fuel tank, or does it simply allow access into the sill so that you can check on the tank (I...
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    Coolant Fan Cycling

    I was testing the coolant fans on my new MKII this morning to make sure they came on automatically and, yes they did, but noticed they cycle on a tight pattern---- just under 15 seconds on, then just under 15 seconds off, then 15 seconds or so on etc. I suspect this is correct, as override...
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    Room for Tire Balance Weights?

    Hi: Sort of an embarrassing question but have to ask: I have a new MKII and need to change a front tire. Will standard tire balance tape weights work with the Hallibrand 15" rims---I'm talking about a "Discount Tire" type balance? In looking things over it almost appears like the weights will...
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    Jack for Quick Lifts

    Hi: Before I attempt to fabricate my own, I am wondering if anyone has a jack system for the quick lifts that they want to sell for a Superformance GT40 MKII? My email is [email protected]; My phone is 713-227-7444. Thanks! /s/ Chris
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    Looking for Used Carpeted Floor Mats

    Hi: I posted previously concerning wanting some rubber floor mats for a Superformance MKII, and, well, if someone has some some used carpeted ones please let me know. My email is [email protected] Thanks, /s/ Chris
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    Need for Transaxle

    Hi, everyone: To make a long story short ("supplier issues" is putting it diplomatically) I will be needing a ZF box or a Quaife 3.50 ratio transaxle for a new Superformance GT40 MKII I have coming in. Does anyone have a lead on such a box? Please just email me at [email protected]
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    Ground Clearance

    Hi: Pending the arrival of my MKII, I have been giving all sorts of thought to practical issues, such as ground clearance, particularly at the front. My car will be mainly for road use, and, obviously, I will be extremely careful, but a general question I have is what have people's...
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    Registration/VIN in Texas

    Hi: I am in Houston, Texas, and a new Superformance GT40 MKII I have coming should be ready for the road in several months. Right now I am in the process of putting together my notes on how to register and insure the car into an outline, of sorts, so I don't mess it up. Something I have...
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    Floor and Sill Mats

    Hi: I have a Superformance GT40 MKII on order and am looking for a set of floor and sill mats---rubber ones preferred. I know there are carpeted ones available, but way too pricey! Thanks, /s/ Chris Kennedy
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    Quaife Oil Pump

    Hi: I am in the process of ordering the Quaife transmission for a Superformance GT40MKII that I have under construction. The car has the optional transmission oil cooler, and I am wondering whether anyone has ordered the oil pump from Quaife (which I believe is mechanical) or has used an...