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    GT40 racing decals

    A complete set of decals which includes most of those used on GT40s at LeMans in 1968/1969. Available in static cling vinyl for re-use or adhesive backed vinyl for permanent application. Each set of two decal sheets includes the following decals: Goodyear, Ferodo, Trico, Koni, Autolite...
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    GT40 LeMans Decal set

    Trying to post photos of LeMans decal sets for GT40 available in static cling or adhesive vinyl. Hope this works...
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    1968-1969 LeMans Racing Decals

    Complete set of two decals each of most of the 1968/1969 GT40 LeMans racing decals. Includes: Ferodo - black rectangle, red top&btm border, red name; Trico - white "wiper wipe patern" background, red name; Koni - red shock absorber under a black rectangle, white name, white border; Autolite -...
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    GT40 exhaust systems available now!

    Need a near exact copy of the famous "Bundle of Snakes" exhaust system? Email me for details on how you can get yours today! null