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    The restoration of J10 as a MKIV draws to a conclusion. Outstanding work.
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    Honker II

    Made a trek down to North Carolina to Kenny Thompson's shop. One of the projects that he is working on is a duplicate of the chassis of the Honker II, the Paul Newman sponsored, Mario Andretti driven CanAm car.... one of the prettiest race cars of the era. Jim
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    J10 427 dry sump -T44 engine -trans

    Little by little we are getting J10 back together. The engine and T44 gearbox have been gone through and rebuilt. Here are a couple of pictures of the drivetrain and exhaust system. Jim
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    ZF Parts Source

    Folks: Does anyone have a source for ZF parts other than RBT? They don't respond to e-mails or answer their phone. Jim Holden
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    Safir Spares Bellhousing

    I recently purchased the bellhousing - twin disc clutch and fly wheel setup from Safir Spares in Ohio for installation in my ERAGT2077. Bob Wood could not have been more helpful. The ERA chassis does not have provision for the lower bellhousing support bolts, but Teddy (he can weld upside down...
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    LIME ROCK - Labor Day Vintage Races

    Folks: We plan to be at the Vintage Races over Labor Day weekend at Lime Rock Racetrack in Connecticut. We have a couple of RV spaces along the short straight just before the bridge and "downhill." We should have both a MKI ERAGT and MKII Spyder there, weather permitting. There is vintage...
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    Wing-nuts/knock offs

    Folks: Does anyone know a source for the wingnuts/knockoffs as used on the late Gulf cars ie: small triangle "eared" fronts and long rears? Thanks. Jim
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    40 Year GT40 Reunion

    Folks: Is there a GT40 40th anniversary event scheduled somewhere this year? Jim