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  1. Andy Sheldon

    QBE62G Transaxle

    We are now supplying the latest new version of the QBE62G gearbox. The cost is £8,750 + VAT and this includes the bellhousing to suit the Ford Windsor small block engine. The following details have been provided by Quaife. Quaife designed the QBE62G to provide a modern, uprated, robust...
  2. Andy Sheldon

    Door top roof bubble

    A new MK1 GT40 roof bubble is now available in the slightly lower height of 1 3/4" than our previous version which has now been available for the last 30 years or so. The new version has a shaped mounting flange that is curved to exactly match the curvature of the door top to avoid door top...
  3. Andy Sheldon

    Ultra Torque Starter Motor

    A new super heavy duty ultra torque starter motor featuring a steel gear insert for use on both EFI and carburetor equipped engines. This starter is both compact and powerful and ideal for use on EFI engines with up to a 10:1 compression ratio. These starter motors feature an integral solenoid...
  4. Andy Sheldon

    Rear Body Section Restraint Cables

    New rear body section restraint cables are now available. These can be fitted to replace the rear body section stays that were previously available. The kit consists of cable, hooks, swivel end clips and fixings pack all in stainless steel to prevent rusting. The same kit can also be used to...
  5. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado TSC GT40 on You Tube

    A driving review on the Tornado GT40 can now be seen on You Tube at Thanks Andy
  6. Andy Sheldon

    Knock On Spinners and Nuts

    The first batch of Gulf type front knock on wheel spinners are now available. They were slowed down due to the virus situation. We now have normal Halibrand spinners, Gulf front spinners and plain wheel nuts available for or knock on wheel hub conversions. I have seen some original cars with the...
  7. Andy Sheldon

    New Tacho

    We have now introduced a new Tachometer to our standard instrument set. Its 0 to 8000 rpm and now features a 6500 rpm to 7000 rpm red sector as on original GT40 Tachometers. The bezel is IVA compliant as standard. Thanks Andy
  8. Andy Sheldon

    Gulf roof vent

    A Gulf GT40 single roof vent as on 1075 is now available. It can be recessed flush into the roof outer skin and made functional by cutting a slot through the roof outer skin beneath the vent and then cutting a hole in the roof inner skin to allow cockpit ventilation as on 1075. Manufactured in...
  9. Andy Sheldon

    Wing mirrors

    We now have available classic chrome racing mirrors the same as those fitted to many original GT40s back in the 60's. The mirrors are mounted direct to the front wings. Sold in pairs complete with all fixings.
  10. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado on CKC magazine cover

    A Tornado TSC GT40 is featured on the front cover of the April 2020 issue of Complete Kit Car magazine with a feature article inside. Also towards the rear of the Magazine Rob Davenhall starts his Tornado TSC build series in the running reports section.
  11. Andy Sheldon

    Motorsport Decals

    We are now able to supply a range of self adhesive backed Motor Sport Decals. Any Decal in any size. Packages for original cars available. For example Gulf 1075 in 1968 and 1969 colour schemes. Also Roundels and race numbers etc. The finishing touch for an authentic replica. Picture shows decals...
  12. Andy Sheldon

    Original front indicators

    We have now introduced original GT40 front indicators. These feature a flat glass front lens instead of the peaked plastic lens which is usually fitted to all replicas. They are supplied in pairs complete with bulbs and fittings.
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Race Number Lights

    We have now introduced a set of 3 roundel race number lights as fitted to GT40 race cars for night time race number illumination. These lights are as original and supplied with bulbs and fixings.
  14. Andy Sheldon

    Gulf Lower Headlight units

    We are now able to supply the lower headlight units as fitted to Gulf racing cars like 1075.
  15. Andy Sheldon

    Megaphones and Pipes

    We are now able to supply Megaphones and straight pipes for a more original looking exhaust system. We have produced these before but now we can supply them with internal baffles so that they are suitable for use on the road. Just! We can make any diameter and length and the standard units are...
  16. Andy Sheldon

    Gulf Front Indicators

    Flush mount front indicators are now available in glass as fitted to original GT40 Gulf cars. Requires a 52 mm diameter hole to be cut in the bodywork and they are supplied complete with fitting kit and all fixings. Uses 12v bulb as original and not LEDs like modern alternatives.
  17. Andy Sheldon

    Gulf Rear Identification light

    Original rear ID marker lights as fitted to Gulf GT40 1075. Available in a very limited supply, due to rarity, on a first come first served basis. We are also in the process of producing a modern replica version of these lights. Available in Red, Green and Amber. Supplied complete with all...
  18. Andy Sheldon

    Gulf Wheel Spinner

    A new version of the Knock on wheel spinner is now available. It features the shorter more star shaped ears and a reduced ear angle to reduce ear stick out on the front wheels. These were used on the front of Gulf cars with a regular spinner used on the rear but I have seen some cars that use...
  19. Andy Sheldon

    Gear Knob

    We are now producing a Walnut gear knob manufactured to the original FAV drawings form 1964. As fitted to original GT40's and finished in a hard Lacquered coating. Thanks Andy
  20. Andy Sheldon

    BF Goodrich tyres

    BF Goodrich tyres are now available again in 15" diameter in the UK. We have the full range for GT40s and Cobras available. A more economical road car alternative to the Avon CR6ZZ Thanks Andy