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  1. Alan L

    Alan's RCR40

    In January I took delivery from RCR of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40. I had every intention of posting sooner, but the build, work, and life got in the way. Car is a Mk1, right hand drive with 2” flares. Engine is a carbureted, aluminum block, Keith Craft 342 (302 based) that will be mated to a...
  2. Alan L

    Re-introduction: Alan's RCR 40

    Hello. I am late in posting, as I took delivery of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40 from RCR in January. I am in the process of completing the engine install to include plumbing oil & coolant systems, alternator, compressor, clutch, etc. Although I am not assembling the kit, for me, getting this...
  3. Alan L

    Another new Oregon member

    After watching this site in stealth mode for six years, I thought I would jump in after seeing the previous thread about a new Oregon member. I have wanted a "GT40" for at least thirty years - ever since my father brought a GTD brochure back from the UK in the late 80's. Two weeks ago I...