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  1. Dwight

    Dwight's RCR GT 40

    A little update on the Fairlane I send the sending unit for the Fairlane to a guy in upper state N.Y and he rebuild it. Works like a new one. The aftermarket units are made in China and do not read correctly. I've changed the T-5 for a 3550 because I bought a 427 c.o. block. I may need a...
  2. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    I remember to take a couple of pictures of the shifter badge you made me. Looks great. I have not installed it but I did lay it in place to see how it would look.
  3. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    Installed the input shaft Thursday and finished installing the tranny Saturday. Took it for a long test drive. No problems, works perfectly. Speed-o dead on so I don't have to change any gears.
  4. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    I'm swapping a T-5 for a Tremec 3550 tranny in my Fairlane. I can buy a shorten input shaft for the 3550 for $300 or a QuickTime bell housing for over $700 or Keith can grind down the shaft a 1/4". I took the shaft to him and in an hour he ground a 1/4" of the shaft and the bearing retainer. He...
  5. Dwight

    Scott T's build - Safir GT40

    I'm going to enjoy this thread
  6. Dwight

    RCR GT40 Mkii Rear Inner Wheelwell Panels.

    Do a search on 3M panel bond. It will glue just about anything to anything. Body shops use it to glue sheetmetal onto cars. Not much welding with the new cars. I've used it to glue steel to fiberglass on a Cobra hardtop. Six years later still holding. I glued stainless washers / bolts to the...
  7. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    The big question. Did the AC work? Black car, 90 degrees in North Alabama probably 75 % humidity. And tell us about the new wiper assembly.
  8. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    that is why I had mine sprayed in bedliner. I hate to polish anything!
  9. Dwight

    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    Keith drove over to my shop and helped work on body alignment a couple of days for three weeks. The last day he was over I told him I was going to go to work for a month so he could use that month to work on his cars. LOL Keith is a great friend and has been a lot of help getting my car back...
  10. Dwight

    Paint and Body Work on RCR Cars...

    David Brown in the Carolinas $10,000. Bruce in Atlanta $12,000. Shop in Hvs Ala. lot's of fiberglass work over $30,000
  11. Dwight

    BF Goodrich tyres

    T/A Radial are the best looking tires and the worse performing tire I have ever owned. Especially in the rain.
  12. Dwight

    BF Goodrich tyres

    David you have to look at the tire you want and see what its speed rating is. Each company rates each tire different
  13. Dwight

    BF Goodrich tyres

    found this on a google search. How are Speed Ratings Determined? Tire manufacturers determine a tire’s capacity for heat and speed using a testing machine. Usually testing is done to meet ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) standards, so the scale is based on kilometers per hour (km/h). A...
  14. Dwight


    that is not welding
  15. Dwight

    Hi Everybody, new to the forum.

    Large active group of Cobra, Coupe and Gt 40 guys & gals in Florida. Email Mark Cubberley at [email protected] if you want to join in the fun. Welcome
  16. Dwight

    BF Goodrich tyres

    Randy my tires were new. Andy don't worry the T/A will sell.
  17. Dwight

    BF Goodrich tyres

    I agreed with Doug. I owned two sets of T/As. One on a 67 Mustang and the other on a S10 pickup truck. They were bad tires on dry pavement and even worst on wet pavement. I watch Barrett-Jackson Auction and half of the cars have T/As on them. Great looking tire but bad, bad street performance...
  18. Dwight

    To Wrap the Exhaust or Not to wrap the exhaust

    I ran ceramic coated headers on my Cobra for 18 years and 42,000 miles. LOVED them. Cool to the touch within a few minutes. The painted, stainless and chrome headers stay hot for a long time compared to ceramic coating. We had all types of headers in the group I traveled with, so I was able to...
  19. Dwight

    Tell me why i should or shouldn’t buy this GT40...

    At the 2018 London Cobra Show I saw a Active Power GT 40. I thought it was put together poorly. If I remember correctly a kit was low $20,000. I would go and look at it before I bought. Look at the detail of construction and material used.
  20. Dwight

    Changing my 347 Stroker Engine

    Please tell me about your Fast system. I'm thinking about changing mine.