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  1. RdstrRod

    Welcome Back!

    Welcome back to work Fran Hall & RCR!
  2. RdstrRod

    GT40 Engine to Transaxle Help

    My Kit is ordered: RCR GT40 MK1 Frt & Rr, Both Nostrils, 2" Flares, Quad Tail Lights. My Tires are ordered: Avon CR6ZZ Frt 215/60R15, Rr 295/50R15. My Engine is ordered: Craft Performance SBF 347/363 Dart Block, 500hp & 450ft/lb torque. And, RCR/Fran has found an NOS ZF Transaxle for me which...
  3. RdstrRod

    Rod's GT40

    Well, I did it! This morning I visited Fran at RCR and pushed the button on one of his GT40 Kits. Fran is such a gracious host and will show you stuff in his shop that most people can only fantasize. Street cars, race cars, motorcycles and machines. He has them all, and the ability &...
  4. RdstrRod

    What have I done?

    What have I done? Oh, what have I done? 5 years ago at this same time I ordered and then built a Cobra Roadster replica. Really fun to build. More fun to drive! Having worked at Ford during the '60s the Cobra & GT40 have been in my mind for a long time. A week ago today my wife & I took...
  5. RdstrRod

    Hello from Southeast Michigan, USA

    I just happened upon this forum and sooooo happy! I've been considering a build of a GT40 replica for a long time. Wife & I saw the Ford vs Ferrari movie recently and she loved it! She absolutely wants us to build one. Good girl there. Anyway, a little about myself: Tinkered with gas...