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  1. Shaun Sizen

    Vote Time - Dash Cover

    Just got my dash back great job, chap did a bit of a wild card, blue stitching and orange centre to match my colour scheme, at first I was not smitten but its sort of growing on me so take a vote. He said its easy to change, rest of my interior is going to be quite stripped out, bare floors...
  2. Shaun Sizen

    Location Of Addiitonal Water Temp Sensor

    Morning all Ok so I need to feed 2 water temp sensors on my 302 as its running EFI. Don't really want to put one on the rad side of the thermostat as that would only give a reading when open, would cause issue if the thermostat failed a swell as I would not know. So I was thinking on my water...
  3. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Oil Level & Leak

    Evening all Ok so filled my recon UN1 last night to just below the fill hole as I ran out of oil, that was 3L, popped up tonight to see a puddle of oil under the box, seems to be coming out from the drive shafts, worse on the passenger side, I assume UN1 is fill to plug level? If so then any...
  4. Shaun Sizen

    Plug Cap Angle

    Hi all Not sure if this is engine or electrics but what the heck !! Plug cap angle to best miss the snakes....Straight, 90 or 135? Also best to loop up and over the rockers I guess? Real Steel recommend Moroso Blue Max spiral core Cheers
  5. Shaun Sizen

    FS EU MSD 8579 Distributor

    Hi Got brand new unused (no box) 8579 I don't need as I needed a dual trigger one that is on its way from the USA Has a small scuff mark round the clamp ring apart from that is as new, have all the paperwork and spring...
  6. Shaun Sizen

    Does anybody know......

    What sort of plug this is? I have searched the web high and low, it looked like a Bosch but as per image it's has 4 slots not 3, its for the MAP sensor on my ECU loom, not that it matches my map sensor which has a 3 round pin plug but I wanted to see if there was an adaptor or I could make one...
  7. Shaun Sizen

    Expansion Tank Connection

    Hi, All keeping well i hope amid this mad time we seem to be in!!!! In lock down of sorts so time for GT40 work...... Expansion vessel I have has 4 connections, one below the cap which is the vent I assume, two just under that one both threaded and one at the bottom also threaded. So one of the...
  8. Shaun Sizen

    3 Way Fuel Return Valve

    Hi Just purchased this chap for my tank return from swirl pot, nifty 3 way valve My only concern is the diameter of the ports they are fairly small, so question, if there is a restriction...
  9. Shaun Sizen

    AEM Pumps

    Hi Anyone any experience of these? I was thinking of 2 of them to feed my swirl pot then out via an AEM filter aka Cheers
  10. Shaun Sizen

    Fuel Shut Off Valves

    Hi Anyone in the UK know where to get fuel shut off valves form? Just to divert the return from the swirl pot back to the correct tank. Have seen these but sort of like the look of inline ones aka...
  11. Shaun Sizen

    Bleeding Clutch

    And I could use stronger words than bleeding :) Ok so testing the clutch and brake lines before they are covered up, using a new Sealey (so decent quality) vacuum bleeder, not used it before but is seems simple enough.... Have fitted the rubber cap over the nipple and secured with a cable tie...
  12. Shaun Sizen

    Wiper Motor Blows Fuse When Park Connected

    Working though my SGT electrics, all pretty good will update build log soon, one issue, the park never worked on the wiper motor, slow and fats are fine but when turned off in ant position it never parked. Now if I connect the Park wire to the switch it pops the fuse every time...Duff motor...
  13. Shaun Sizen

    IVA Headlight Flasher Requirement

    Just doing the depths of wiring the car, quite fun, will update my build log soon but just one thing, is it an IVA requirement to have a headlamp flasher? Cheers
  14. Shaun Sizen

    Just saying....One of the greatest and not in F1 Goodwood this weekend in the UK Spitfires V12 and GT40's V8 Does it get any better? Nah
  15. Shaun Sizen

    Inlet manifold gaskets

    Ok so trial fitting my inlet manifold, I have the gaskets for the induction side, missing the small cork? ones but when I looked at various sites including summit racing quite a few said not to use the cork gasket but to use RTV silicon instead? Thoughts on that appreciated Cheers
  16. Shaun Sizen

    UK Based Car Trimmer

    Hi Looking for a trimmer in the UK to do my dash, got a couple of local quotes, one was £900 plus VAT and you had best sit down fot the other, he said last time he did one it took 9 days so has quoted £4100 bloody nearly fell off me workshop stool, I think he doth not want the job Did a nice job...
  17. Shaun Sizen

    6.3mm to 2.8mm flying leads

    Ok just putting one out there, anyone ever come across a pre made flying lead to convert a 6.3mm male spade terminal to a 2.8mm female? My switches have small switch blocks on the back rated to 6A and theyhave 2.8mm spades coming out. I made one and it seems ok but by lord I have to make 30 :)...
  18. Shaun Sizen

    Seems I was Completely Off The Mark

    There was I trying to recreate a Mk1 1960's Gulf coloured GT40 and it seems I was way off the design look.... Not sure about having it in British racing Green...
  19. Shaun Sizen

    UN1 Clutch Slave Cylinder Thread Size?

    Anyone know what it is? I read M10 but its not that for sure, looks 3/8 fine?
  20. Shaun Sizen

    Which OIl

    Hi What oil is best fir my UN1 box? I have dug around and it seems TRX 75-80 is what was used Cheers