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    Corvette Suspension on a GT40?

    I am building a scratch tube GT40 chassis and have a Corvette C4 front end and a C5 rear end set up From which I would like to use some or all of the components. I am sure that this subject has probably been discussed at length somewhere, but I have searched the forum and can't seem to find much...
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    Ford to Audi Adaptor

    Does anyone know if an adaptor plate can be made from aluminum plate for Ford (FE as well as SBF) to Audi 016 transaxle? If so what thickness plate should be used and what flywheel and clutch will work, etc.? Thanks. Best regards, Orin Meyer
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    GT40 Spotted at Cape Cod, Mass USA

    Hey Guys - I spotted a very nice looking GT40 at the Cape Cod Massachusetts USA cruise night earlier this month and snapped several pictures. The owner was nowhere to be found and when I returned later on the car was gone so I didn't get any info. It is white with blue and green stripes and what...
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    Halibrand GT40 Mag Wheel Question

    Does anyone know what the original Halibrand "GT40 type" front and rear wheel sizes and offsets were for the wheels which were used after the wire wheels were replaced with Halibrand mags? Thanks. Best regards, Orin Meyer
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    Inexpensive One Man Brake & Clutch Bleeder

    Here's an excellent and inexpensive (probably no cost) clutch and brake bleeder. After having tried the old "pump the pedal", the "Mity-Vac" and the "blow into the reservior" methods all to no avail, I used this system to bleed my hydraulic clutch and it worked so well that I thought I would...
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    Threadlocker and engine assembly

    Having just gone through the unpleasant experience of throwing a rod through the crankcase on a well maintained, quiet running and unabused engine (with 150,000 miles on it) has caused me to wonder why the application of thread locker or "Locktite" is not done on rod and main bearing cap nuts...
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    Does anyone have information as to what kind of gauges are correct for a 40 dash? Particularly brand names, how many, what sizes, and what the layout was in the dash? Thanks all. Best regards, Blue
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    Next problem: a 289, 302, 351, or 427?

    Now that I have selected and made the necessary purchases for the chassis and transaxle which I plan to use in my 40 build, the next big decision is what motor to put into it. First off, I am not planning on anything too exotic like that screaming long rod 302 that Chris is putting in his car or...
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    Audi Transaxle ID - Help Please

    I have located an Audi 5000 gasoline turbo in the wrecking yard. Checked the numbers on the transaxle case located just behind the CV joint on the right side. Looks like maybe "0163012U". I want to tell ave the wrecking yard to remove it for me but am not sure whether this is the "016" I am...
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    Upright question?

    Hi all - Does anyone have suggestions as to which front and rear uprights would be best for a scratch built in the USA GT40? The would have to be inexpensive easily sourced from USA produced or distributed vehicles and provide for mounting to a GT40 type suspension system, etc. Thanks for your...
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    Thermal Insulation, Sound Deadening, Moisture Barrier

    March 2002 issue of Street Rodder Mag has an article on ceramic liquid insulation coating. Summarizing: This is a composite material consisting of air filled microscopic silicon beads suspended by resin binders. Requires 30-40 mils layering. Also acts as a moisture barrier. Can be sprayed or...
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    Toll Booths

    Has anyone ever come up with a good way to handle toll booths in a GT40?
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    Suspension Info

    Does anyone know of any inexpensive front or rear suspension parts (uprights, control arms, coil overs, etc.) which can be adapted for use in a GT40? I have seen references to the Ford Grenada uprights beeing used in front on some GT40s. Is this the same as the Grenada which was produced...
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    Gt-40 Chassis

    Anyone have a source for chassis plans? I am planning to build a chassis but need a set of plans. Also would appreciate any advice as to what would be the best way to go ie: mono vs. space; SS vs. mild steel vs. aluminum, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.