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  1. Dans GTD

    Looking for GTD grills

    I am looking for a set of grills for my GTD, the ones that go in the left and right openings on each side of the front grill and the ones that go in the lower rear scoops behind the doors. Are these still around?
  2. Dans GTD

    Hot inside my GTD

    After reading a post the other day I got to thinking, why is my car so hot inside the cabin. At first I was thinking that it is just engine heat coming through the firewall but now think it is a totally different problem. I was looking at the depth of the nostrils and realize that they only go...
  3. Dans GTD

    427 side oiler

    Today my Dad asked me if I wanted a motor he had. I went over to see what he was talking about and it turns out it is a Ford 427 side oiler in pieces. The motor was bought in the late 70's and has lemans heads that look brand new, a crank brand new sealed in a oil filled bag along with brand new...
  4. Dans GTD

    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    I have been working on a GTD that was passed down to me from my dad. The car sat in his garage for about 15 years. My dad having a collection of classic Fords let this one get left behind because of frustration of the car not going into reverse and some electrical issues. I took possession of...
  5. Dans GTD

    Hello from Long Island N.Y.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I do not have a lot of history on my car but from what I have been told I have a GTD car. My father had this car in storage for over 15 years and it was passed down to me in July of last year. I have been slowly bringing the car back to life and it is looking...