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    Porsche 997 transaxle shifter help.

    Can anyone suggest what shifter I can use on a GT40 with a Porsche 997 inverted transaxle? Thanks
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    Glass Rear Windshield

    Does anyone know where I could purchase a glass rear windshield for a GT40?
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    Fasteners for plexiglass / laminate

    I’m ready to install headlight, fog light and plexiglass window panels on my GT40. I was thinking of using rivnut inserts in the fiberglass. Does anyone disagree and have a better suggestion on a better way to install? I could also use information on the best way to cut the plexiglass. Any...
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    Looking for Moto Lita steering wheel quick release

    I bought a quick release from Summit Racing made to fit Momo, Sparco and other steering wheels hoping it would fit my Moto Lita to find out it didn’t fit. The steering shaft on my car is 0.750 inch and the Moto Lita has 6 holes. I have researched and found nothing. Can anyone give me advise on a...
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    Looking for Hartwell or similar type body latches.

    The only Hartwell reproduction manufacturer that I know of in the U.S. (RCR) is currently out of them. The one in the U.K. Tornado said they had them but have not responded back. Does anyone know someone else that make these reproductions or a different type of latch that look good? Thank you
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    Tail lights

    I purchased these tail lights made in Italy from eBay a few months ago. I have no idea what electrical sockets will fit and looking for help. Thank you
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    Foam Sealer

    Can anyone provide the best foam type sealer to inject? between the fiberglass panels in the spider??? I looking for a product I can use to provide rigidity and soundproofing if possible. Merry Christmas to everyone.
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    Inverted 997 tranny oil level

    I researched but was unable to get a definitive answer. Its my understanding that a Porsche 997 transaxle takes 3 quarts of oil. By inverting the transaxle will it now require more oil for proper lubrication??? Thanks
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    Borla or Inglese EFI for 302

    I’m looking for a Borla or Inglese 8 stack EFI Induction system for my Ford Boss 302 engine. Please send me a PM if you have one available. Thanks
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    Miami Active Power Build

    I am not a fabricator or an engineer but can figure things out and follow instructions. I had fun building a Cobra many years ago and decided to now build a GT40. I did lots of research looking for an affordable rolling chassis build. I looked at the quality of several manufacturers and found...
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    Borla induction help

    Does anyone know if the fuel injectors on a Borla 8 stack induction on a Ford 351 Winsor the same as for a crate Ford Boss 302. I know the intake would have to change but not sure if anything else would have to change. Any input or suggestions???? Thank you
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    Hello from Miami

    I’m new to the post and just purchased my GT40 roller from Active Power Cars. I will be asking for advise from experts and pros on this forum. Thank you.