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  1. Cobra

    BAT Auction: Two ZF 5DS-25/2 Transaxles

    Not my auction, just posting for anyone who may be interested. Auction ends in 6 days, no opening bids yet. BAT Auction
  2. Cobra

    Wanted: RCR40 Mk1 Lower Rear Control Arm (Early Design)

    Hey guys, I know this is a stretch, but looking for an early style lower rear control arm to match the one on the left identified by red arrows. As far as I've been able to determine from speaking with RCR, the one on the left was for early narrow fender cars like mine. The one on the right was...
  3. Cobra

    Rear Tire to Wheel Well Clearance

    The previous owner of my car had the ride height sitting a bit too high for my taste (approx. 5.5" front & 5.8" rear), so I recently lowered it to more appropriate and aesthetic dimensions of 4.8" front and 5" rear. Now I understand why he had it sitting so high. I have less than acceptable...
  4. Cobra

    RCR GT40 VINs

    In viewing another RCR GT40 Mk1's VIN on another thread, I notice that it varies somewhat from my VIN. The VIN on the other car starts with RCRGT40MK (9 characters) and completes with 10215615 (8 numbers), and mine starts with RCR40MK (7 characters) and completes with 10 numbers. Both are 17...
  5. Cobra

    Daytona HSR 2018

    Spotted this beautiful Gelscoe Mk I GT at this year's HSR event. The ID tag was difficult to see, but it appeared to be #014.
  6. Cobra

    CP Autosport 1041-R

    I'm posting this here because I noticed this 40 was referenced on Doc Watson's build thread and I didn't want to cause further pollution. I snapped these pictures at an HSR event at Daytona International Speedway in November 2016. No idea how the damage occurred as I didn't witness the accident...
  7. Cobra

    Ceramic Coating and O2 Sensor Install

    Re-installed the exhaust system after having an O2 bung welded onto the driver side collector and having the entire system freshly ceramic coated. Installed an AEM AFR gauge on the lower left face of the instrument panel just above the left hand sill. Fired up the motor to test the gauge...
  8. Cobra

    Parking Brake Woes

    I began road testing my car several weeks back to initiate the sorting process and it was not a very good experience. I only drove it through my subdivision at very low speeds (1st and 2nd gear only) to check the basics. Felt like I was dragging a piano behind the car, heard a variety of...
  9. Cobra

    Fuel System Reconfiguration

    The original builder/owners of this car took an interesting, but less preferable approach for the twin tank fuel system. Each tank has a dedicated pump, filter, regulator and gauge feeding one bank of cylinders. This means both pumps need to operate full time. See attached system diagram...
  10. Cobra


    Hi Folks, Just a brief re-introduction since I haven't been visiting the site much in the past year, and I've now joined the ranks of GT40 ownership. The car I've acquired is an already assembled RCR Mk 1 with a Ford Racing 392 crate motor and a ZF transaxle. I'm actually the third...
  11. Cobra

    Any RCR GT40's in NE FL?

    Hi Folks, I'm new to the site (after lurking here from time to time over a number of years), and I'm reaching a decision point to move forward on my next automotive project. I'm currently leaning toward the RCR Mk 1 because I like what I've seen in the build logs, and I like the aluminum...
  12. Cobra

    Forum Intro

    Hi All, My name is Mike and I'm an addict. Been lurking here from time to time, so I know most of you are addicts as well. I got the bug for pretty much anything with a motor back when I was in single digits, and it never got any better. Started with mini-bikes and graduated to motorcycles...