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    Wide Body Rear Clip

    For sale, used wide body rear clip. $500. This is off an original car. I'm not going to give the chassis number publically buy may give it to the buyer. I got it from a local restoration shop, I think they were looking at doing the bodywork but decided it would be easier for them to just buy...
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    GT40 Scratch Build For Sale **SOLD**

    For Sale GT40 scratch build KVA body Scratch build semi-monocoque chassis and suspension, plans derived from a MK-V and other kits. 7075 uprights, 2024 and 7075 sheeting throughout. 1992 HO Mustang 302 roller motor. AFR 165 heads Roller Rockers TWM 45mm ITB's Accel Gen 7 ECU with Wide band...
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    Fel-Pro Gasket Problem

    Running AFR 165 heads on a '92 HO 302 roller block. Using the AFR recommended gaskets. head gasket #1011-2 intake gasket #1250 Early on I was getting some coolant leakage at the corners of the heads. I thought it was because I was running straight water and it corroded either the block...
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    What Spray Glue is Best?

    What spray glue is best for the reflective insulation mat in the engine compartment? I used the 3M hi-strength 90 and when it got hot the mat fell off. On the instructions it says "not suitable for bonding unsupported vinyl". Also the 3M Super77 says "not for automotive headliners". So where is...
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    Ring and Pinion for G50

    looking for a 10-31 (3.10) ring and pinion for a G50-05 Powerhaus II in CO has closed doors since I last shopped there any recommendations?
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    Thinking about Stripes

    Thinking about twin racing stripes down the center. Noticing that when a line is run from front to rear centered on the car it doesn't center on various features like the NACA duct that's in front/center of the windshield. So do you center on features or center overall on the car?
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    Water Temp Warning Light Sender?

    I have a water temp warning (overheat) light on the dash but can't find a proper sender. The intake manifold has a 3/8" pipe thread and can be adapted to 1/4" or 1/8" pipe. It has about 1-1/4" clearance above. Don't know what temp a warning light like this should come on but the one supplied...
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    FEA Goes Mainstream

    Solidworks FEA, comes with the basic package. Finite Element Analysis, or load testing finally available to the general public. tubing is ALL .083" wall 1.5" sq. 1021 steel, the pan is .025" of the same steel. The first test is on the bottom section of a typical GT40 Chassis, a little less...
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    New Chassis

    Drawing a new chassis in Solidworks, pretty much a lot of changes from what I actually built. Learned lots of things building. This is about 4 days work. Still a ways to go. Wish I had Solidworks before, it's way faster than Acad. Found some new tubing sizes for the diagonals, .75"x1.5"x.083"...
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    Upper A-arm drawn in SW

    Original upper A-arm drawn in Solidworks
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    Halibrand Drawn in Solidworks

    Team III Halibrand, drawn with Solidworks 2008 16" x 8" x 5"backspace
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    Deleting Photos

    Is there any way for a user to delete photos from their gallery? I have several that I was able to host on photobucket so I don't need to waste Ron's bandwidth, but I can't find any way to delete them?
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    Price Gouging

    My GT40 has a hydraulic E-brake and I'm trying to find a single 3/4" pull type master cylinder that's compatible for the limited amount of space above the rear tunnel. A post in the brake forum revealed an AP reverse pull master sold by "Essex Parts Services" back east. Well I figured out what...
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    Fastest Production Car Is Now In USA!!!

    Don't know where to post this, it's not directly related to the GT40 but it is a mid engine V8. The world top speed record for a production car has been broken, it's no longer the Veyron, it's now a local (Wash. state) effort. The SSC Ultimate Aero. Not bad for 1/3 the price of the Bugatti. No...
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    2 GT's on Ebay

    Currently there's 2 GT's on Ebay. Looks like the prices have "stabilized" eBay Motors: Ford : Ford GT (item 140199113902 end time Jan-25-08 12:18:36 PST) eBay Motors: Ford : Ford GT (item 120211181103 end time Jan-25-08 15:19:46 PST)
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    Programmable EFI Questions?

    Accel Gen7 ECU, TWM induction, FAST Edist DIS. Was wondering if there's a good book on programmable EFI? Looking around and can't find anything specific. Already have "Electronic Fuel Injection" by Ben Strader. It's good on theory but not on any hands on blow-by-blow explanation about specific...
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    Brake Master Question

    Building a hydraulic E-brake and was wondering if there's such a thing as a single brake master that is pull actuated? (instead of push). Have seen this with slaves but not with masters. (Don't remind me that hydraulic E-brakes sometimes don't hold, going to incorporate a strong spring to keep...
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    Video Posting

    Is it just me or is there a problem posting videos? Tried to upload an .avi but it's not happening. Even better would be an imbed, that way GT40's wouldn't have to host it but you could see it directly inside a post.
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    G50 Shift Linkage

    Here's something I've been working on. It's an Adesk Inventor animated solids drawing of a cable shift linkage for the G50-05. The cables are on the left and right and the trans shift shaft is the dark grey one in the center. Inventor is one step up from Autocad but it's still a mid range...
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    Adjusting Corner Weights

    Got some scales and some floor tiles as slip pads and trying to adjust corner weights with the coilover height adjusters. Was wondering about the math. It's a given that front to rear weight split is about 40/60. But what happens when the side to side weight split is not 50/50. Let's say...