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    I see Claude Nahum is selling his P1016 at RM Sotheby's in Monterey (august) Wordt dit de duurste Ford ooit? (foto’s) – P-magazine Does anyone have more info? Is he keeping P1078? Will he race LMC? WHY???
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    Working on your GT40 in style!!

    Found this on the internet: Ford Mechanic Overall Just received mine today :pepper:
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    Spa-Francorchamps Trackday

    For those interested, trackday at the legendary Spa-Fracorchamps circuit. Whole day open pit lane!! I have done already several days at this track with Lotus on Track ( Lotus on Track – The track day club run by Lotus enthusiasts for Lotus enthusiasts. ). I must say a very good organiser...
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    Fortyfication 114

    Hi, After reading the most recent copy of Fortyfication, I nowhere could find an explanation of the cover picture. I haven't seen it before and I am still wondering....!
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    P1109, horror!!

    There were only 2 original GT40's this year Spa Classic. There was Claude Nahums P1078 and there was P1109 (which can be discussed of being an authentic GT40). And this is what was left of it after it crashed........
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    Air filter

    Has anyone fitted aircleaners inside the bodywork airscoops, creating a big air box? If so, please let me know how. The reason why I am asking is that I have Webbers now and I don't want to restrict them by putting something on top of the airhorns or spoil the looks.
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    Goodwood Revival Chris Ward

    Does anyone know the chassis number of the number 55 GT40 driven by Chris Ward? I believe it's owned by JD Classics.
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    Cleaning aluminium panels

    Need advise / tips!! What do you use to clean your aluminium paneling?
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    English Sports

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    Tickets wanted for Goodwood Revival

    Looking for 5 saturday tickets. Sold out! :-(
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    Last weekend, me and my wife went to England to visit Frank Catt to pick up my car after a winter period upgrade. - BRM wheels (Vintage) - Brakes (AP) - complete new suspension (incl uprights) - open exhaust - gearbox rebuild - new clutch - small stuff Driving home was a pleasure, what a...
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    Vitaloni Sebring mirrors (copy)

    I have a set of metal Sebring style mirrors. These are NOT Vitaloni's, but from a different brand: AJW B'Ham. They have exactly the same dimensions, the metal housing is identical except there is no 'Sebring' inscription. The original Vitaloni is very rare and hard to find (and very...
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    Vitaloni Sebring "the quest"

    For a while a have been looking for original Vitaloni Sebring mirrors, the metal ones, not the plastic reproduction ones. As many will know, these are very hard to find. Over a couple of years I have found three, two chrome and one off-white. The two chrome were in a different state, one...
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    Spa Classic 2015

    Who is attending Spa Classic this year?
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    Hammer for knock off's

    What kind of hammer do you use for your knock off's? Weight? Dead blow or solid? Particular brand? Just any advise.... Thanks, Geert-Jan
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    Spa Classic 2014

    Spa Classic will be 16-18 may! Last year was, despite the rainy sunday, excellent. I even very much enjoyed the tracklaps in the rain! Saturday was on the contrairy very sunny. Typical Spa; wheather differences to the extreme. For sure, I'll be there again this year. And again, I think, there...
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    Original GT40 ad

    A while ago I purchased an original Ford Motor Company ad out of a magazine. I found it on Ebay. The ad features Ken Miles standing next to a GT40 (I am not sure wich one, maybe/probably one of you know). The ad is from a magazine probably called Ward's Quarterly summer, 1965 (at least...
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    Vitaloni Sebring

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Vitaloni Sebring mirror, not the plastic but the steel version! I already have one, just looking for another to complete a pair. Geert-Jan
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    Velocity stack for Holley

    I'm looking for a transparent velocity stack for my Holley 650 double pumper. Like P1047 has. Maybe there are alternative suggestions? Thanks, Geert-Jan
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    P1042, P1078 & GT111 @ Spa Classic 2013

    P1042, P1078 & GT111 Very nice weather on saturday, rainy sunday....... In the end, a perfect weekend! Track session both on saturday and sunday, different (dry & rain), were excellent