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  1. brettmcc

    Reservoir Hose UK/IVA

    Advice appreciated chaps, does the below meet specification? 20140624_194224 by Brett, on Flickr
  2. brettmcc


    Can people please post some pics up on how/what they've bonded in their demist vents please? Currently deciding what to do (yes before anyone keels over I have been working on the car,maybe 2018 might be the year lol)
  3. brettmcc

    UK: Proposed changes to emissions

    All (especially UK), Please read the items in the link and please put forward your view. In a nutshell, it looks as though the emissions relaxation for our kit/replica cars is being proposed to be withdrawn. It means you'd have to meet current emissions. I am also reading it that it may...
  4. brettmcc

    GTD Passenger Water Pipe Cover

    Does anyone know where I can get the template or a copy of the cover piece that the GTDs had for the water pipes in the passenger foot well please? I need to do mine and I think it would be easier to install or modify. Thanks in advance Brett
  5. brettmcc

    Oil Sump Gasket

    Need some advice (again) from more experienced builders. When rebuilding the engine the other week, I had a moment and ended up taking the sump off, as in a moment of self-induced panic, I thought I hadn't done something (but had). Instead of the standard rubber/cork 4 piece seal, I have...
  6. brettmcc

    Oil Pump Driveshaft Washer

    I've asked the question in my build thread, but incase you don't click on it... I've, ahem, mislaid the washer for the driveshaft on the oil pump. Munroe's book says it is a Tinnerman washer? Does anyone know what size I should be searching for, or a suitable alternative (in the UK)...
  7. brettmcc

    Can I repair this?

    So I have messed up big time this morning :cry: I was drilling the new coolant holes in the block to match the heads and have managed to misalign slightly and have drilled through into the oil gallery. Can I weld or similar over the top of this, as it is only between the coolant passage and...
  8. brettmcc

    FS EU Springs Retainers Locks

    Knew I had forgotten something... I have decided that I am going to put in the recommended springs/retainers for my Comp Cams cam rather than what came with my heads; someone will probably tell me that these would be fine, but I have the new springs now. These springs have never been run...
  9. brettmcc

    FS EU Mains Bearing, rods and door top holders

    Just having a make some space clear out, especially with the engine still in bits (I really need a bigger garage), posting is to UK Door Top latches/holders for GTD (or others) - £25 posted Clevite Mains Bearings +.010" - £20 posted Rods, these are new, unknown origin. Big...
  10. brettmcc

    FS EU Eagle Rods and Speed Pro Pistons

    So following my engine woes and decision to change my rotating assembly, I am putting my rods and pistons up for sale (rings in photo not included) They have only ever been installed in for build and turning by hand, never run. Rods are Eagle SIR5090FP (the press fit variety) and the pistons...
  11. brettmcc

    Woodruff/Crankshaft key question

    The crank I have got from Frank appears to have 3 slots for a woodruff key. This appears consistent having looked at other Ford Racing 302 cranks that they have this (weirdly not the Boss crank). Does anyone know if this utilises a special key, or do you just put in 1/2/3 smaller keys? It is...
  12. brettmcc

    WTD: 302 28oz crankshaft

    As the message says and my coolant leak thread... Does anyone have a 302 crankshaft 28oz balance. UK preferable as those things weigh a tonne for shipping :) Thanks Brett
  13. brettmcc

    Coolant Leak

    I've just got the point where I am putting coolant and oil into the car. Ignoring the bit where I had undone some bolts on the timing cover and forgotten to do them up when messing with alternator installs... I think I have a leak/seepage at the heads at the front and on both sides. I've...
  14. brettmcc

    Ht Leads covers/Jackets

    Does anyone have any recommendations regarding covering HT leads. mine are close to the headers and I am worried about them melting (when I finally ever get the engine started LOL) Do these look OK...
  15. brettmcc

    It's Official - New GT

    New GT Press Release attached
  16. brettmcc

    Solid clutch pedal

    I posted this in my build log, but will repost to see if I get any responses Finally got round to bleeding out the clutch line this week. Once we finished, the clutch pedal is solid. To try and diagnose, I took the slave out and it appears to be moving fine. Pushed all the way in and then...
  17. brettmcc

    HT Leads routing pics please

    Can people post some pics of how they have routed their HT leads around the headers. Also what angle of boot are people generally using? Thanks Brett
  18. brettmcc

    Residual Valves Question

    Can forum members please give me some clarity on residual valves in a certain setup. I have put floor mounted pedals in with the cylinders mounted on the rear. I've then mounted the resevoir inside the car, bt it is roughly in line with were resevoirs would be if they were top hung. Is it...
  19. brettmcc

    Door sealing - GTD

    Can people post or send me some pics of how/what has been done to help seal the door area in particular: 1 - What has been made up along the sill to go to the spider 2 - from the A pillar down to the sill 3 - How to seal the area where the door hinges are and the spider/door/dash Thanks...
  20. brettmcc

    Wiper Arm for Lucas Wheel box

    I've done a search to try and find out what arm I should be looking for and also contacted Mick at SGT who has been unable to help unfortunately. I am running a wiper system from SVC with the Lucas 14W wheelbox In the searches I've seen people say a Rover arm? Which model, or can...