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  1. iraceone

    Ignition Crossfire on 302HO

    Hi Guys, I got the engine fired up on my GT and am suffering little induction pops and sometimes in the exhaust. The engine is also surging as I'm sure it is sometimes firing at the wrong time on compression. I have tried routing of the wires as Ford calls for it. This seemed to help some but...
  2. iraceone

    Handy hose to get you out of a tight spot !

    Here is a Gates hose I found in the rack at the auto parts store. It is a 1 1/2 inch ID. This pic is before I cut it (at the straight section against the radiator base) This cures the radiator neck too long syndrome and may be useful on other makes too. Dan
  3. iraceone

    Went to the 24 hours of Daytona,,

    Had a great time. First time ever there , you can buy a paddock pass and watch them work on the cars . Rome the infield and watch from all different points .Wish there was more variety of cars running but they did have some historics on display (962s ,T-70, Jags) and they went out on the track...
  4. iraceone

    Front and Aft body work hold open Lanyard location ?

    I am looking for some help on location of the Lanyards (cables)on the fiberglass body work.I know the other end goes to the sway bar upper bolt (on the front), and upper shock bolt ( rear ). If I guess now, and then later have the glass and all installed it could change the way it holds it open...
  5. iraceone

    Who is planning on going to Run and Gun in St. Louis

    Who is planning on going to Run and Gun in St. Louis on Aug 25th to 27th and what GT-40 are you taking there ? Here is a link for event info Run and Gun
  6. iraceone

    Would this water pump be the correct type,,,,,

    Would this water pump be the correct type to use on a RF equiped 302 with the sepentine belt ? weiand 8215 This is the one I currently have new in the box that came with my engine that I bought from a guy I work with weiand 8210 p I guess it would work if a person was using V belts??Any help...
  7. iraceone

    Fibreglassing suggestions on RF doors

    Hi all, My RF needs some glass work and I read the post bodywork which helps me a great deal, thanks to all that contributed. I need to add over a half inch to my right door as you can see by the pictures. The gap at one point is .70 of an inch and .60 wide consistantly. I was thinking of...
  8. iraceone

    Fuel System Components ?

    I am working on the fuel system and was wondering if I was supposed to have gotten a bunch of the Norma fuel injection clamps with the kit. I have 2ea 13mm (for 1/4"hose) and 4 of the steel spring type clamps. I went to several auto parts stores and the brand they have are poorly made compared...
  9. iraceone

    New RF site to be up Feb. 1st !

    From the RF website "The Roaring Forties Web site is currently undergoing redesign. The site will be relaunched on February 1st 2005 " Looking forward to seeing it Robert!
  10. iraceone

    Two way fuel valve ?

    Hi , I am getting some of my fuel system in order and cannot find the locaton for mounting the 2ea. Two way fuel valves. I cant find them in the manual. In the other manual (electrical) it states under the Main Body Harness file "2 way valve: Black/Orange - eyelet terminal " . I grabbed the main...
  11. iraceone

    GT 40s admin sending out virus to my mailbox!

    I have received 2 emails from this address [email protected] with a virus that my Norton detected and deleted. I'm sorry I didnt note the virus file name, If it hits me again I will post name, Dan . PS Also sent email to Ron Earp .
  12. iraceone

    Robert and Hershal visit Oklahoma

    On there way to Run and Gun, Robert and Hershal stopped by the house for a visit. As most already know Hersh is a super guy and I found out Robert is a perfect match. It was great having them here and over 4 hrs went by like 15 mins. I learned much about my build and got some great tips and...
  13. iraceone

    Seat Placement and Mounting Details

    Ok, how bout some thoughts on seat placement/mounting techniques on the RF's seats. The seats come with 4 studs welded to the bottom "strap" frame work and face downward . I would have originally thought they intersect the metal straps that go left to right across and above the stainless floor...
  14. iraceone

    Dimension of seat belt cut out in bulkhead

    Dont worry , Im not going to ask about every little slot or hole ,LOL. I was laying out the rectangular slots for the seatbelts to pass through the bulkhead , and they seamed kinda big. The dimension is 70 mm wide x 25 mm high, located 40mm from horizontal edge of the bar and 45 mm down from the...
  15. iraceone

    dimension of bulkhead window opening

    I am about to cut the opening for the bulkhead window in my RF. I have traced the window for a pattern and am unsure what extra amount to add for the seal and maybe an extra bit for help in installation. Also wondering if there is a easy way to figure the correct height of the opening , maybe...
  16. iraceone

    New 302 pan out by Moroso

    I was wondering if these pans would fit a RF . Its available at a good price and other make GT guys may be intrested in as well. The 7 qt one is available for a little over $200 and the 9qt pan about 30 dollars more . Would either of these pans not extend below the floor pan ? Also is there any...
  17. iraceone

    Roaring Forties #091

    Roaring Forties # 091 arrived in Oklahoma on July 18th. I have been getting everything organized and had to finish up some other projects I started while waiting for the deluxe kit's arrival. While unpacking the parts for many hours I was very impressed with the thorough job RF does in...
  18. iraceone

    GT40 show on speed Wed the 23rd ,9pm est. MKIV

    Just saw on speed, GT40 MKIV will be on WED. the 23rd at 9PM east. 1 hour show (autorotica).
  19. iraceone

    Opinion on possible engine purchase

    Hi guys, I have been a chevy/GM guy when it comes to V8 engines, so you tell me what you think of this engine available to me from a guy that I know at work. It is all new except (.030) block. Never ran, and heads never put on. It would be for a RF with a audi 016 box, either webers or stack...
  20. iraceone

    9/11 Reminder for Those that Wish to Experience

    I found this flash program Heroes . There are hard reminders of that day. Only wish it included shots of our Troops afterwards . If you dont want to get your soul stired , dont click on it. I am glad I did. If you click the small info link after you see the whole thing the person does a...