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    Luke's GT-R build

    Ok, the start of this thread lacks any real organization but sitting here with heavy rain outside waiting for other half to come home. Anyhow I thought I'd post some terrible pictures of my GTR and get it up and running. Local friends 4th GTR. Sadly Ford developed, he ordered and took...
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    Time critical: width of GTR for trailer clearance

    Hello all, I'm finally picking up my GTR after 3.5yrs. Out preparing the trailer and realizing I only have 77inches between fenders of enclosed trailer. I know the GTR is listed at 80inches which is 8 inches wider than my Mustang or Porsches. Anyone bring one home in their enclosed race...
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    Oil restrictors for Dart block

    Can someone help hold my hand in the installation of oil restrictors in the back oil gallery of Ford Dart block? I'm getting way too much oil to top end with external oil pump at sustained rpms. Like flowing oil out the top of vc's at 7000 rpm straights. Two circuits to fill catch can...
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    Wheel Colors General and Specific?

    Ok, I'm trying to narrow down my build order and can't find anywhere that lists what colors the CF5V comes in from Fran. In the GT-R thread, he says "no" to the black chrome finish. I know some companies offer Forgestars in a variety of colors. And sure, I bet I could send them out for a...
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    New(to me) water pump system

    Electric Water Pumps Bringing Engine Cooling Into The 21st Century With Davies Craig - StangTV I'm familiar with Davies and cooling. Not a new name, but a group of products that I was less familiar. I haven't started my build, but I've put V8's in the back of other cars and some of these...
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    Cool car in need of Fran's chassis

    Aeromaster I ran across a picture and then did a little searching. What a cool looking car....make a great "team" car to the LMP here.....but the 70's chassis is sure to let the aero down. Just thought it was cool to view, not as an alternative but Alex could use something to stick that BBC...