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    cable shifter sacc restoration

    has anyone any experience with this company or their cable shifter setup for a gt40 1200.00 out the door trans adapter, cable and shifter for an ERA car zftrans lloyd
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    powder coat brake calibers

    Anyone tried this. I will have to totally disassemble them before taking to the coaters and buy new rebuild kits. Tired of repainting LLoyd
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    351 w water pump heater bypass

    i have an ERA which doesn't utilize the water pump heater inlet and outlet. Does it make a difference to cap off each or put a hose to loop the inlet to the outlet thanks LLoyd
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    fire suppression tank size

    tank size 5lb or 10lb usually i go with the bigger the better physical size is a big factor so from experience is the 5lb adequate or do we with the bigger the better and get the shoe horn out stuff the bigger tank in any brand recommendations Lloyd
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    brake light pressure switch

    I've replaced 3rd brakelight pressure switch ECHlin sl147. The issue is LED bulbs I started have problems once i changed over to LED bulb. I've been told the switch is good for 2-3 amps. I would think an an incandescent bulb would draw more amperage than an LED BUlb I found a break...
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    a/c pressure switch

    Anyone have a source for a binary a/c pressure switch connect via schrader valve. i want to replace the single high pressure turn on fan to a dual function that shuts power to the clutch on the compressor low pressure and turns on the fan high pressure LLoyd
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    changeing title in connecticut

    Has anyone had any success with changing from a composite title to a 1966 gt40 title. If you were to register today for the first time with a C.O. you can register it as 1966. apparently once title it can't be changed. must be in stone somewhere There is a financial incentive to having a...
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    fire suppression tanks

    5lb vs 10lb whats necessary. is it obvious more is better. with space constraints the 5 lb is half the size. is 5lb more than enough to suppress a fire why do they even sell 5lb bottles when space on most cars is not a consideration LLoyd
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    dot 3 vs dot 5

    Putting on new power master cylinder. Manufacturer recommends dot 5. The system has been using Dot 3. They recommend flush with alcohol and install DOT 5. I've been reading pros and cons of both. Opinions flush and go with dot5 or just stay with dot3/4 LLoyd
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    ct registration

    Ct now allows you to register your car as the year and model it most resembles. This is quite a wind fall. Because if you are allowed to register your car as a 1966 automobile you can put antique plates on the car thus limiting your tax evaluation to $500.00. I am currently paying $800 a...
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    electric power brakes

    Has anyone heard anything about abs power brakes having an electric powered booster. This would solve a multitude of problems with its compact size and non-reliance on engine vaccuum. its suppose to generate 2500 lb of pressure ABS Power Brake, Inc. it comes in several flavors the...
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    rusty brake cable

    Guys any tips on freeing up a a rusted e-brake cable. what i've done so far is to put a 5/8 heater hose over the end that connects to the caliber, disconnected it . Put a hose clamp so i get a good seal on the cable. I then proceeded to fill it with a combination of Marvel mystery oil, PB...
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    oil pan ground clearance

    I have an Aviad gt40 pan. still hangs about 3/4" below the chassis. I had my ride height set to 4.5 inches. which put the pan at 3 3/4 inches. I drove over unmarked railroad tracks at 40 mph. No warning about what amounted to a speed bump in the road. I scraped a small hole in the pan...
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    cam lock harness

    Can someone provide me with a source for high quality 4/5 point harness with a cam locking mechanism. Everything i find on line looks cheap. Need black or grey thanks LLoyd
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    limerock labor day

    Any ERA events planned for labor day weekend LLoyd
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    remote power brake master cylinder

    Has anyone seen a master cylinder that is remotely mounted with a booster and pressurized by another master cylinder controlled by the peddle System works as follows master cylinder 1 creates pressure from pedal master cylinder 2 receive pressure with a booster to the front brakes the setup...
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    cork or no cork gasket

    I'm changing the intake manifold 351w. I've never used the cork gaskets on the ends. But i pulled the intake off that was installed by the engine builder. He used the cork gasket. This builder builds a lot of high performance engines. No leaks 4 years of use. Cork or bead of silicone(right...
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    8 stacks with two tanks

    Looking into the inglese 8 stack efi with ez computer. the two tanks bring up many issue. Has anyone split the fuel rails into two separate systems having two tanks, two pumps and to two regulators. This would solve the return line issue. I have an inquiry into inglese with no response...
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    replace oil pan gasket

    I have an aviad oil pan 351 w. the rear of the pan was leaking. Replaced it with a a one piece ford gasket. it previously had the 4 piece cork gasket. I coated all surfaces with black silicone. button it all up torgue to 15 lbs. still have a leak at the rear of the pan where the curved...
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    ERA at limerock labor day

    Is ERA planning any kind of get together for labor day LLoyd