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    Column Connectors

    I am currently in the wiring phase of the project after being away for a while. I thought I remembered a post somewhere about the column and connectors used. I am using a Ron Francis wiring harness but it came with a connector that is for the older style GM columns without the headlight switch...
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    Door Mounting

    Anyone got a good picture of how the door cylinders attach to the door and to the door jam? Can't find a picture in either the manual or the gallery. Want to make sure I get them properly aligned.
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    Daytona 24

    Anyone at Daytona for the 24 hour race? I am in the infield roaming Should be a good race
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    Steering column and AC questions

    Just getting started pulling things apart, but wanted to see how a couple things fit leading to a few questions: 1. I ordered my kit with the Vintage Auto Air system and the under dash unit I received is different than the pictures in the manual. I managed to rotate the bottom fitting as...
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    Race Tail Body Mounting

    Been staring at this for a while and can't quite figure it all out. I have an SL-C with a race tail and was looking to see if someone has some pictures of the mounting of the diffuser and the hinging of the tail. My diffuser brackets are back ordered and I don't have any hinges or brackets for...
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    Sound Insulation

    I have seen several posts about stick on sound insulation but haven't seen any on spray on. I have used Lizard Skin in the past for both sound and heat insulation with good results. Has anyone used this on an SL-C and were there any issues?
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    SL-C Side Skirts Question

    Does anyone have a picture or instructions on how to fit/mount the side skirts on an SL-C. Couldn't find it in the manual or the wiki. I received what I believe to be both sides molded in one piece that it appears needs to be cut in half to install.
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    Mike's Build

    Haven't been the best poster of information on any of my former projects, but going to give this one a shot. It would be nice to have a photo history of the build - I don't tend to be good at keeping up with pictures either so maybe this will force me to do it. I have been modifying cars and...