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    Carlisle All Ford

    Ron, thanks. Were their any GTs present beyond these?
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    Bryan's RCR40

    How do the tanks mount and secure?
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    Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

    A SAFIR is as real as you want it to be and as real as a real car is. Personally, that is the only car I dream about owning. I would not want a real GT now based on the value. I would be a afraid to drive it, or afraid some idiot would steal it. SAFIR has alwasy been my dream.
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    magnesium rim

    I would contact Bob Wood at SAFIR and ask him to source you a wheel
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    GT40 105 UP FOR SALE

    Interesting use of rivets on that tub as opposed to spot welds
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    magnesium rim

    They are on US eBay now
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    magnesium rim

    eBay seller has had a full set for past 2 months. He is in Japan. Search eBay UK
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    Scott T's build - Safir GT40

    I am following and love the posts
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    Carlisle All Ford

    Ron. Please post pics for those of us stuck at home
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    Scott T's build - Safir GT40

    Is Chuck at Cobra Restorers doing the car?
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    Scott T's build - Safir GT40

    1098 is featured in a Automobile Magazine article reprinted in the Ford GT40 Gold Portfolio book if you have it. Lamont is quoted and discusses the build of this car. How fortunate you are to now own such a signifcant piece of history.
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    Mclaren M6 tub

    Any pics on what that tub looks like? Is the roof section metal or glass? Are suspension parts available for such a build? Any feedback is appreciated
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    Bryan's RCR40

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    Dan's GTD Getting some attention

    Always loved the older contemporary cars. Nice piece.
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    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

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    Here's a point to consider - one that I would like to do. Get Fran Hall to build his tub and...

    Here's a point to consider - one that I would like to do. Get Fran Hall to build his tub and then add an aluminim spider. Create more original looking front and rear mounts to replicate the original chassis. Mount your original body. Have you ever considered making a mono chassis ? Perhaps...
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    Keith's RCR GT40 Mk I Build

    You are talented my friend
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    Lola T-70 MK3 B Tub & Bodywork coming in...

    What is the make of the tub? Thks
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    Steel or Aluminium Spider

    Unlike in glass the real deal is actually a pressing for the top and two legs for the A piller brazed or welded together. Someone here must know who makes these parts for those that are making replica tubs. In aluminum, shops like Marcel’s in Norco SoCal could duplicate the spider parts in...
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    Chuck's Jaguar D Type Build

    Chuck: Not sure if you saw this one. Enjoy. Lee