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    Monocoque on ebay

    A curious monocoque being offered for sale by a guy that "doesn't know anything about it". thoughts on this one???
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    RCR 40 wreck for sale

    Looks like it was a nice car. Tub looks bent in front of the right rear tire.
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    1057 for sale

    to only dream
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    Ford GT Evo - for you GTR Builders

    Very cool car
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    ERA for sale

    Very interesting
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    Monterey Pebble weekend pics?

    Can you guys post pics of the 40's in Monterey this weekend and particular the Pebble event Sunday. I can't make it so any pics would be appreciated.
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    Sweet RCR 40

    Just found this. Nice piece on another RCR 40. This Ford GT40 Replica Was Born To Tear It Up Tastefully - Petrolicious
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    RCR Cars in Autoweek

    Just got the latest issue of AutoLeak and noticed that Fran is proudly quoted in an article about the kit car industry. It includes a picture of Ron McCall's beautiful GT40 on the track. Congrats Fran and Ron. Big time. Lee
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    Jay Leno's Garage - Drives GT40

    Next week's episode Jay drives the Peterson Museum MK III 40 check it out
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    245/50-15 Dunlop SP8000 tires

    I have a set of 245/50-15 SP8000s. Were on my GP 4 Pantera on 10 inch rims. Date lot codes are 2003. Tires have lots of tread left. Free to a good home. Will be in Irvine, CA monday to wednesday of this coming week. Will ship for cost. email me at [email protected] if interested.
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    Prototype GT40 Roadster in Monterey

    Seen at the RM Auction today sitting in the lobby of the Portola hotel. Quite a beautiful little car.
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    Michelin TB15 Tires - Anyone using

    Can anyone report on actual useage of the TB15s? Handling, WEAR? Please advise. Actually putting on my GP IV pantera. thanks all
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    SAAC at Fontana Today with Bob Bondurant

    His ERA right hand drive today at SAAC in Fontana
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    Speed Channel - Ford Muscle - Features the GT40

    In case you missed it, Speed Channel had new versions of "Victory By Design" last night. One show was dedicated to Ford Muscle. It features Alain de Cadinet driving several mustangs, a GT 40 and new Ford GT on the property and grounds around the Goodwood estate. You really should catch this...
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    Embedded photos will not present

    I seem to have a problem in which I can not seem to view the photos attached to certain posts. Some threads photos all download, but on others, I just get a small window that says "attached images". Can anyone help.