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    Repairable CAV

    Hi guys, I have not posted in awhile, but still check this site regularly. I believe I may know a little history on this car. I have CAV chassis 1A01, and based on the vin tag this car is 1A02. I bought my car from Bob Lacy a few years back and he had told me that all of the CAV mono car...
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    Original Specification Parts

    Jim, Please keep the pictures coming, as we all are interested. I am curious if all these parts are being assembled onto an original style tub. So, where are all these parts going?
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    2006 Monterey Historics Role Call

    Monterey I suggest meeting just before noon on saturday in the Pantera paddock. I will be there and I believe David will also be there for a bar-b-que being sponsored by Pantera International. We will both have our CAV's there.
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    Monterey Historics, August 18-20

    I will be there on saturday and will be parked in the Pantera club paddock. We should arrive around 8 a.m. to avoid traffic, and will also be in the paddock area around noon for a bar-b-que lunch sponsored by Pantera International.
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    Another GT40 lands in Canada!

    Hi Ron, Not planning on going to Vegas this year. To many other things going on to break away. Anyway, have fun in Vegas.
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    Another GT40 lands in Canada!

    Nice purchase, Mark. You will no doubt have a lot of fun with your new toy, and don't worry about the cameras you will get used to it. By the way, your garage looks a lot like mine with a GT40 parked nexted to a Pantera. I even have the same extra set of Pantera rims sitting on the floor...
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    POLL: Sill stripes

    Did you check the other side of the car? If the owner had two identical stripes then the FORD lettering would be at the rear of the stripe on one side of the car and at the front on the other. Or he just put both of them on backwards! Anyway, it is a nice body color and the dark color rims...
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    Cable shift linkage

    It will no doubt be easier to use whatever is supplied with the car, which I have heard is a cable shift. I used a cable shift on my CAV with the Getreg. I had it set up correctly and it worked well, but was not even close to the shift feel in my Pantera. After converting my CAV over to a ZF...
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    CAV - Getting the Horsepower to the Ground - Part V

    Ross, I am not sure if Bobs chassis mount is rubber bushed where it meets the ZF cover plate with the ears, but the CAV supplied chassis mount has a rubber bushing with an inner steel sleeve.
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    New CAV Owner

    Joe, Welcome to the world of GT40's. I own CAV mono #1 and am running the ZF with the fuel injection from Very Cool Parts. The fuel injection works great once you have it programmed. If you search around you can find some pictures of my engine set-up on the forum. Good luck with the build!
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    Ford SVO crate 345 hp engine , is it any good? (again)

    Good answer Howard. I am running the same motor with fuel injection and the 1.71:1 rockers. Actually I went with the 340 hp version, which had the slightly bigger cam. Why the bigger cam had 5 hp less I am not sure, but I went with the bigger is better theory. The car is plenty fast and VERY...
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    gurney bubble

    I used the same one as Victoron my car and it makes a huge difference. By the way I am 6' 2" and a little on the tall side for a GT40.
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    car covers

    Thanks for the help, guys. California car cover was the place I was looking for.
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    car covers

    I know, use the search function, which I did with no luck. We have talked about car covers in the past. As I recall there is a company in California that makes one for the GT40. Anyone remember the name of the company? Thanks
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    Deals are out there. I was very fortunate and my ZF found me. I was at a car show with the GT and some guy came up to me and asked if the GT40 originally had a ZF box in it. He went on to say that he had a Pantera and when he bought it he received an extra box in the deal and wondered if I...
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    Auto Futura - CAV GT Newsletter no 2. Jan 2006

    The pedal assembly looks very nice and appears to have the same master cylinder for the clutch. I will e-mail you direct with further questions. Looking forward to see and sit in one of the newer chassis.
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    Auto Futura - CAV GT Newsletter no 2. Jan 2006

    Jean, Are the new uprights a direct replacement? Also, any pictures of the new pedal assembly?
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    Swedish Gt40

    So, $13200 for the delux roller? Goran, your english is better than my swedish, are these prices acurate in US dollars? How about a turn-key minus price?
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    rear wheel bearing

    I think it was like $365 US. Talk to Jean at CAV and he will fix you up.
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    rear wheel bearing

    I experienced the exact same problem, and regardless of being machined correctly or not, there is not much of a lip to retain the bearing in my opinion. I had spun the outer race on the left side and could hear a noise while cornering. I could jack the car up and rock the wheel assembly back...