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    Erratic Tach

    Veek-did any of these fix it for you? had a chance to try any yet?
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    Erratic Tach

    Veek, if it's still a problem, please call me. You may still have my number. Thanks, Tom Dallas
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    CAV for sale, Salinas, California

    It's a very early CAV spaceframe car, built by Mitch Hughes in Mustang Oklahoma. I saw the car before he took it to BJ in 2004. He built my mono CAV. Great guy. Awesome work.
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    Hello from new CAV owner in New York

    Look under Cobra Country's site; GT40's where my CAV was for sale Leman's Blue Prestige Showcase: Or Or search the archives on this site for pic's of my car. My pic's are all 1Meg...
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    Hello from new CAV owner in New York

    Ray, Give Mitch Hughes a call, no relation. He has the spec's for the correct 'FORD GT' stripes. Any color you want in the 3M adhesive material. He's first class.
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    Best in show.

    I'd pay $20.00 just to watch her get in & out one time!
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    ERA or hold out for Superformance?

    CAV can use a ZF or Audi Getrag-No problems either way! There are many CAV members on the forum using ZF's. I simply preferred newer transaxle technology. It was a bonus that it came with a lower price.
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    Oh my god...

    Didn't they also invent rust? FIAT; Fix It Again Tony!
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    Before and after-a work in progress.

    Hi Veek, How about some close-up shots please>
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    Can someone with limited mechanical skills live with a GT40?

    Re: Can someone with limited mechanical skills live with a G Sure... If it's a well done completed car you buy, then yes. If you are obsessive-compulsive, it's best to have deep pockets if you posess limited mechnical skills with this car....
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    CAV GT40 going up for sale

    Ron, Thanks for the kind words. With this significant change in my career, she just sits covered in the garage. It's the wrong thing to do. I bet she's only been out about three (3) times since I started with IBM on March 11th! Thanks guy's!
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    CAV GT40 going up for sale

    Now on e-Bay in addition to Cobra Country's website:;category=6057
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    Mk IV steering column on eBay

    If you click on 'other items', he has some other nice items for sale as well. I bet he's an interesting fellow to chat with.
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    CAV GT40 going up for sale

    Too busy till this weekend. Now up on Cobra Country's website: Thanks for some nice work Curt!
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    Spicy Ad

    I'd like to scratch her! Yikes!
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    ERA on eBay

    Re: Someone buy it already or quit listing it! Yeah right on the shipping Chuck! Just don't spend any money on plane tickets to go look at the car!
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    CAV GT40 going up for sale

    >>>Going on Cobra Country's web site this weekend under GT40's for sale<<<
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    CAV GT40 going up for sale

    It's true Veek... Just not enough hours in a day to enjoy it with the new job, travel schedule etc. Hi folks, I promised more info on my GT40. Please let me know if any questions: -->Reason for selling: New job with IBM after 16 years with a competitor, just no spare time to...
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    1969 Le Mans Clip

    Here's a good clip... 18.5MB in sive...
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    CAV GT40 going up for sale

    Hi folks, I hope this finds everyone doing well. I just changed jobs after 16 years and now work for IBM. My CAV was completed in June 2004 and is now fully sorted and SAFE. It has all the important & suggested modifications. No easy task, if questions, please ask Bob Childress or Veek...