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    DRB#5 goes to the movies

    Since my retirement 2 years ago I have been busy with my car getting a few bugs worked out. The notorious starter has raised its head again costing me a 5th(you read that right) ring gear and starter. The starter manged to break a collar mount. This was sent back to HiTorque for repair. Three...
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    Caffiene and Exotics

    Just a note for those of you in the Atlanta area. The last show of Caffeine and Exotics will be this Sunday at Lenox Square Mall right off Peachtree Street.This is put on by Bruce Piefke. He also promotes the Caffeine and Octane Cruise In, probably one of the largest cruise ins in the state of...
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    Jm Cowden's GT 40

    Was going through my UTube videos and suggestions and came across Jim Cowden's video of his GT 40. Did a search on the forum but could not find a link to it anywhere. Even though since its inception in August it has been viewed some 7000+ times. This is a great video that explains his entry into...
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    Dropped by the house of a friend after a morning cruise in. It was the first time I had visited his house. He insisted on getting some shots of the cars together. I find it amazing at the difference in size of our cars compared to known models of cars that are thought to be small!! Bill
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    Dyno Day for DRB#5

    This last Friday I took DRB#5 up to Kurgan Motorsports for a Dyno session and final tune. I had spent the last two weeks fixing the few things that were glaringly obvious. A vacuum leak with the intake manifold allowing the O2 sensor to read lean. I also found the change in timing/position of...
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    The Driveshaft Shop

    Just want to put out some good information on this company. Many years ago during the 11 years it took me to complete the build of my 40. I purchase a set of axles for my 930 trans. Fran Hall suggested I use this company, and i followed his advice. Just recently after about ~2000 miles on the...
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    8 Meters: Triumph, Tragedy and a Photo Finish at Le Mans

    Here is a documentary of the GT 40 and Lemans. Released on June 18 2016. "Exactly half a century later, “8 Meters,” a new documentary produced by Kahn Media, explores what really happened on those final, fateful laps." Now you will know exactly what happened that fateful day...
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    Vacume leaks

    Recently on my TWM 8 stack I noticed a strange sound on deceleration. It was a ppssst type of sound and was like a backfire without the popup through the injectors on the front left injector. In searching for the source, I would put my hand over each injector to feel for anything unusual. What I...
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    Atlanta Caffiene and Exotics April 17

    In Atlanta there is a periodic display of Exotics at Lenox Square Mall. It is put on by two guys that are described as "Hard core Exotic Lovers. John Fleming and Bruce Piefke, have done this for the last two years, and it has drawn big crowds. It was posted on a site I have been a member of for...
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    High pressure fuel pump life span

    I have noticed that my high pressure fuel pump(FI) has been slow to come up to pressure(gauge in rear window). The other day after sitting for 6 days it would not come on at all. Then later that day it came up but was slow. Now I notice that it doesn't seem to run as fast as it did. It gets the...
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    First video of my GT 40 at Coffee and Octane

    Well, I finally got round to a video(published) on Utube. Video courtesy of a RunCam miniature camera. I actually used two cameras to tape but the Mobius cycled off before leaving the garage. Had turned off the lights before cranking and it must have fooled the camera into thinking it was on...
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    2016 GT 40 Events

    I will redirect all the other threads from last year to here. Maybe we could get a poll going once we figure out what we can or want to do. If you have a favorite lets hear about it. Be ready to root out some information on it. Any of the manufacturers want to start some interest?? Bill
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    Adventures in flying

    Ran across this on Utube and thought some of you flyboys might enjoy it. Bill
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    Atlanta Area Road trip to see 1063 66 Road Car

    I have finally gotten my car back to one piece and ready to ride. My friend in Athens Ga. has ben trying to get me up there all summer for a photo op for both cars together, but for one reason or another I haven't been able to get the car up to his place. Well he has just finished painting his...
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    In need of a windscreen???

    Recently I had need of a windshield. Long story.... The small crack I had in the screen had extended to the base of the screen so it was time to get one. Knowing that there is a difference between makes of GT 40s I set out to live with the differences. The differences are the final curvature of...
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    2015 Porsche 918

    A friend sent me this video from Jay Leno's Garage.
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    New battery option/technology

    A couple of weeks ago I ran across a new battery (concept) that is fixing to be launched. It is called the OHM battery. I thought there may be some interest here on the forum. I am including emails i received and some of the electronics world feed back on it. There are several here on the forum...
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    Gaping doors and clips.

    I was perusing Utube the other day, on painting, as I will be redoing the top of my car.That's a story for another post. I have heard how much time has been spent on gaping doors and clips, and how people hate it so much, and how long it takes to get it right. Well I may have found a tip or...
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    New fire suppression technology

    While enjoying my Saturday morning breakfast I came across a new technology for fire fighting and one that has great advantages for fire suppression in a car. The product is called "Fire Ice". Others may have heard of it. This seems like a better way to fight cockpit fires than Halon or other...
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    Something for every Biker

    If you are a biker, did you know any of these things were out there?? Bill