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    John Etheridge - Motorsport Magazine Dec 1975 - An archive article on maintaining GT40s

    Thank you for posting. Q- were Etheridge’s builds given sequential “P” numbers? and, wasn’t this about the time of the Safir cars? R/S Steve
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    Spa Six Hours 25-29 sept 2019

    Gentlemen: I am a long time lurker (former 65 GT350 racer, still own car 'SFM5S339'FWIW). Appreciate all who contribute here. Big GT40 fan! Anyway, I live in the the US and have been trying to figure out how feasible it is to attend the Spa Six Hours. Couple of logistical questions for those...
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    Shelby American Collection

    gawd, as awesome as it is (and it is!) all of those incredible cars in one building just reflect how totally out of circulation these cars are these are the cars which we saw, and heard!, which really have motivated us all to this day steve SFM5S339
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    Spf 2317

    I'm a big fan. Thanks for keeping us all up to date. If possible, would love to see a pic(s) from rear quarter showing the quad taillights and the perspective/form of the narrow hips. There's very little out there on this SPF body style: - It appears the rear wheel wells are radiused 'rounded'...
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    Custom Axle Fabricator Needed...

    Currie (Corona CA) Summers Bros (Ontario CA) Good luck!
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    No 2 main failures

    In years past I had experienced two crankshaft failures: -a 271hp 289 4v catastrophic forward journal breakage; and -a 306hp 289 4v (SAI original) nascent cracking filet area detected during magnaflux. Both engines (then) external balanced (accurately FWIW) 10:5 CR C7FE camshafts, headwork etc...
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    SPF p2348

    Steve, Thank you for sharing all of this detail (and keeping life the SPF section!). Q’s regarding your roll bar: I see the SPF four-point loop in the engine bay, has this been enhanced to a six point cage? Are there conformal vertical bars in the A-pillar? Thank you, Steve A
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    SPA Six Hour 2016

    It appears that the Davies/Young/Newall Alan Mann GT40 depicted in the vid is a race modified SPF: Preparing an Alan Mann GT40 For Goodwood Is A Dream Come True - Petrolicious
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    Verifying GaryKoh's one purchase of #1029 for one dollar

    Bill (and all) My apology. You are correct. (Mod: pls delete, it was misposted in this thread) Steve
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    An engine build... Kinda' GT40 related

    I too have had a similar experience. I run a Crane mechanical roller (TR-252-400-8) with the correctly specified Crane lifters and springs. In my case the axle/pin which holds the bushed roller to the lifter body wore up into the lifter body allowing the roller to contact the lifter, sieze, and...
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    Goodwood Members Meeting

    Very impressive field. Of note: four SPF40s(?). Looks like they were narrow hipped/four taillight versions (at least #7 and #11). Don't see these too often. Thank you for posting.
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    Wanted: Floor Jack Cross Beam

    This help?
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    GT40 at Willowsprings

    Looks great 906er. Which fuel injection system are you running? Steve
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    What color is "Shelby Blue"?

    Don't forget that up to 1965, prior to Shelby American assuming the GT40 program, that Viking Blue was widely utilized on SAI team Cobras.
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    What color is "Shelby Blue"?

    The is a lot out there on the lead painter at Shelby American: Robert "Tweety" Aldredge. A 'colorful' character. He used to attend the SAAC conventions. He mixed alot ad hoc. It does seem some mixes had more silver toner but my reading is that it seems it was more variance rather than a...
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    Sean, Thank you very much for this most substantive ongoing thread (I'm one of many keenly watching/learning). Three quick questions/clarifications: - aluminum engine block? - bladders installed by Dennis' shop? -roll bar, Olthoff as well? 4 pt or 6 pt extending into cabin? 1.75" mild or...
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    CAV or SPF GT40?

    , Rick, which GT40 was that which SPF used please? (still in learning phase) -Here is Gelscoe modifying a rear shell for and early prototype appearance; -an original early car at LAX,; -an original GT40 which I believe is post prototype; -#40 original GT40 post prototype; -These are somewhat...
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    CAV or SPF GT40?

    Sirs All, I (and presumably others) watch keenly. There is a lot to be learned here and really appreciate the substantive exchange of information. Regarding the appearance of the MK I's aft body shape vis-vis the CAVs/ SPFs and others (RCR) et al: it seems on the pre-1970ish MK Is they were of...
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    pushrods for Ford 302 - 6.100 long 5/16" ball/ball

    Either of these will ship with a day. We use Mantons: Pushrod Tips « Manton Pushrods Smith Bros. Push Rods Bend Oregon Good Luck, Steve