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    KVA for sale in South West UK *SOLD*

    Hi guys, I have reluctantly decided that my KVA is offered for sale. :thumbsdown: It is a 1989 C type chassis in red, chrome suspension fitted along with front and rear anti roll bars, and is 80% built. Body is KVA Mk1 in Gulf light blue and orange. Roll Cage, fitted with a bespoke fitted 6...
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    KVA possibly for sale

    Just throwing this in to see if it will generate any interest. I have a 80% built KVA C type chassis and Mk1 bodyshell. 302 engine. I shall post some pics if anyone is remotely interested. The reason I'm maybe selling is due to personal commitments, I cannot realistically see me being able to...
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    MSD distributor

    Hello everyone, I have aquired a MSD distributor, Model 8582, the mechanical advance one with a bronze gear on it. Now what I need to know, is it suitable for my standard (marine) 302? There was mention of a spring and rink kit for the advance curve. I know nothing about these, can anyone...
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    Finish Strong

    If you take a look at anything today, make it this video. Are You Going To Finish Strong? - Nick Vujicic Video Just gets you thinking, doesn't it?
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    OOps!! Stig unveiled

    Don't know if anyone else has posted this elsewhere, but "The Stig" from BBC's Top Gear has been unveiled as former race and stunt man, Ben Collins. @*&*!!?? No I didn't know him either but there again I am not in the racing fraternity. I bet some one on here know about him. The BBC are not...
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    Inner Wheel arches

    Hi guys, a bit of advice needed please. I need to make and fit a pair of inner wheel arches in my rear clip. What recommendation for the board or whatever could be used to fiberglass into place? I hope that makes sense? I obviously want to protect all the components and machinery under the clip...
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    Collapsable Steering Column

    Hi Guys, I have done a search but not got a decent result. Has anyone purchased a collapsable steering column hub in the UK, from whom and how did you fix it? This is obviously something I need to think about for the SVA. I am not sure what steering column I have either, this doesn't help much...
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    Fuel Filler Caps

    Can I ask what size and type of, fuel filler caps you people are using and if in UK where did you source them from? Cheers everyone. Murray
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    Roll Cage

    Just had this made up for my KVA. It is actually removable. I am quite pleased with it, should stop anything from coming inboard!!
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    Rear Bulkhead window

    Hi there, can anyone give me some sizes for the rear window. I am getting a roll cage fitted as we speak and the rear brace bars will only fit through, on the sides of the window aperture. I have a KVA and I would appreciate some pictures and fitting methods if poss. Thanks
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    Renault reverse

    Hi guys, can anyone show me the gear positions (ie 1st left and up, 2nd left & down etc) on a renault gerbox or the movement on the gearbox itself? Also does the gearbox have a reverse lock out? I am using a rod type linkage. Thanks Murray
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    Rear Loom

    I have these connectors to serve the rear light loom. 2 X 6 pin. Now I do have a 1987- GTD wiring diagram that shows just 1, 7 pin socket to connect the rear light harness, (it's a GTD loom I'm told) Maybe I have a later or earlier loom? I do not have the rear or front light harnesses. Does...
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    Any Ideas?

    Hello, can anyone tell me what this sticker means? The engine is supposed to be a new marine engine. Does the firing order support this and why is the firing order different on marine type engines.? Thanks,
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    Roll Cage

    Hello everyone, I have done a search, but some old pictures do not show. I am hoping to put in a roll bar or a roll cage into my KVA now I am taking it apart. I have a good engineering firm very local who can bend pipe, etc. (with very reasonable prices) I am going to use 48mm x 3mm, any...
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    Interior panels

    I am going to strip out all my interior panelling, it is very thin and can be bent with your fingers! It was going to be a track car so therefore interior comfort was not an issue. However I would like to re-do it all so that I can at least shout, if not talk a bit to the passenger. What...
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    Steering Lock Stop

    How are you guys sorting out your steering lock stop? Any pics would help. At the moment I have the tyres rubbing hard up against the bodywork on full lock. Thanks.
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    KVA fuel tank

    Hi guys, I have a part built KVA that I am working on. The fuel tanks have the filler caps at the back of the car, in the engine compartment. I do not like the idea of pouring in petrol either side of a hot engine and so want to turn the tanks around and have the filler caps as per everyone...
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    Exeter Kit Car Show

    The Kit Car Show at Westpoint, Exeter is on this weekend, is anyone going?, taking thier 40 maybe? It would be nice to meet up and put names to faces or whatever!! :D
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    Original 40's for sale

    This may be of interest for someone with money to spare. P1004/1084 and P1047J. Ford GT40 cars for sale, buy classic Ford GT40s for sale. Classic Cars For Sale
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    Original ? GT 40 seat

    On ebay, nowt to do with me. Seat